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thomasjohnshannon 07-20-18 01:36 PM

Security Alert From Link
When I visit the page for the GoFish addon someone's signature is causing security alerts. Chrome is blaming it on a site called ********** so I did a quick search and found the following code.


__________________<br />
<a href="http://**********/EthanNoble?src=em_lp" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><img src="http://**********/badge/EthanNoble/fs_lastplayed.png" border="0" alt="" onload="NcodeImageResizer.createOn(this);" /></a><br />
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Dolby 07-20-18 02:42 PM

Thanks for the heads up. I added the domain to our censor so it will break any signatures with that domain now.

Kanegasi 07-20-18 04:29 PM

I recognize that url structure. I guess this is how I find out Raptr (Wikipedia link) died last year. Looks like someone may have taken over the domain, most likely knowing hundreds, if not thousands, of users have a dynamic Raptr signature.

I can understand censoring the site mention and url in OP's post, but Raptr reached millions of players over the years. I feel it's necessary to mention Raptr is gone and the site may be malicious now.

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