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Morgana5 07-28-19 01:37 PM

Separate CLASSIC ADDON Search/Request section.
May we have a separate Addon Search/ Requests section for Current and Classic WoW?

I'm finding I have to click each addon request separately to see whether they pertain to Classic or Live WoW. There are 171 pages of submissions where "search" only helps if we both spell, hyphenate, abbreviate, in the same manner. Also the API has changed which makes the addons on pg 171 super dusty. Am I doing something wrong as this method is beyond tedious?

Please don't ask If Im looking for one in particular as that's not the point of this request :) Again, forgive me If I'm fumbling through and there is a much faster way to track down each 2019 Classic related submission apart from the mountain of others.

jeffy162 07-28-19 01:44 PM

Why not just check the classic addons? If you're interested in a classic addon, and the developer upload's here, then that is where it will be.

Morgana5 07-28-19 02:12 PM

Those are after the fact, I am looking for requests, the "Classic Addon Search/Request section".

Still, now that Classic is and will be an entity all its own, separation is not a bad idea.

Thanks anyway.

jeffy162 07-28-19 05:49 PM

Well, if I understand it correctly, and have the date right, that'll most likely happen after Classic is released. But I am guessing not before.

Seerah 07-29-19 06:41 PM

You should only have to go back a couple of pages at most. Classic was only just announced at the end of 2017. And I'm sure you could just search for "classic".

Perhaps once Classic has been released and there is enough traffic for it on this forum a separate section can be made.

Morgana5 07-29-19 11:21 PM

Thats wonderful to hear Seerah, I can almost bet there will be plenty of traffic. Just moments ago I recommended this website on the Classic forums. (he wanted a leveling guide)
People used to playing with tons of QOL features are going to look for QOL addons to fill the gaps.

For me, I would like a (different than the one already here) quest progress announcer (for groups), a flight path timer, a low ammo announcer, an addon that stacks over your new spells in the bar for you, Cartographer (got that ;) a fishing buddy addon, and some sort of rare finder. lol feels like a Christmas list. Others Ive already found on the site so dont need to request. Thank you to the Authors.


DreamsUnderStars 09-07-19 07:45 AM

I would very much like to be able to filter out classic/vanilla searches. Currently only playing vanilla/8.0 so the extra Classic results in both the searches and the tab categories is just getting in the way.

Cairenn 09-07-19 02:31 PM

It's time. Added. :)

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