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Seerah 04-09-17 10:24 PM

Pick for 4/9: TalentArt (new) & ArtifactWhispers (new)

Do you miss the flavor artwork for each class spec in the talent window? This addon aims to bring that back, by adding a background texture to each specialization for each class in the talent UI. It is a minor change that does not affect your gameplay, but may help you with your immersion and connection with your class and chosen specialization.

Make your UI just a little bit prettier. You can get the addon here.


(screenshot borrowed from @KohblTheGoblin on Twitter)

Jealous of the Arcane mages and how their weapon, Aluneth, randomly speaks to them and has some witty/snarky sayings? Author Buttonmasher created the role playing addon you all were hoping for, and is working on adding this feature to all class legendaries. The description states that they were created with the lore and previous wielders of the weapons in mind.

To see if your weapon is supported yet head to the download page.

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