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Cairenn 01-11-18 04:35 PM

PM Spam on the site
Hey guys.

So as many of you may have recently discovered, it seems some spammers thought it would be cool to send you a bunch of PMs. We've gone in and cleaned up the existing mess and are keeping an eye on it to make sure they don't make more new accounts with which to spam.

If you do get any spam messages we encourage you to forward us a copy of it so that we are aware and can take care of it.

Sorry for the bother.

stqn 01-13-18 01:52 AM

Just got one from "lovelygirl6". (No idea to which address I should forward the spam, so posting here.)

Resa1983 01-13-18 06:33 AM

Also got from this person. Didn't see this message, and screenshotted and sent via FB.

Dolby 01-13-18 10:33 AM

Thanks, cleaned it up again and we are now moderating all new registrations manually until we can get this under control. Sorry about this. :(

tinyu 01-16-18 07:52 AM

Awesome job guys :D

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