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File: The Collector11-08-08
Great mod, but it also would be nic...
Posted By: Fonjask
Great mod, but it also would be nice to have another tab for tabards, with the tabard achievements and all., and maybe you could make it automatically open when I open the minipet/mount window? Or, like AckisRecipeList, insert a button in that window to scan and open TC. I have so many addons I often forget about one, and am afraid t...
File: MiniWatch10-25-08
This is indeed a very nice little a...
Posted By: Fonjask
This is indeed a very nice little addon, but I also want the arms of the clock to be like... 25-50% transparant because I have some addons which really require me to see the minimaps contents :) :banana:s, Fonjask
File: Class Buttons10-25-08
Re: Re: Bug
Posted By: Fonjask
Yes, it still shows up but now I cant move both bars because the anchors are still not there, and i have mutltiple addons running so your easypos is not too easy for me. Anyways, I edited the .lua file and just removed all Seals from there, now that bar has disappeared... When I reinstalled this one I could move my blessing bar, unti...
File: GuildBankSearch10-24-08
3.x Update
Posted By: Fonjask
Will there be a 3.x version update? I really loved this addon but it's broken now :(
File: Class Buttons10-23-08
Posted By: Fonjask
I've installed this AddOn, but for some reason your GUI doesn't work... When I type /cb3 it works, but where i can use the options (hor. bar; show anchors) it doesn't work. For some strange reason, the options 'show tooltips', 'scale', 'reset', and 'autoposition' do work. I, being a paladin, would like to turn off the horizontal bar...
File: CastMonitor10-06-08
Posted By: Fonjask
It's working and doing a great job, but indeed as you said: Planned features auto show in raid That one should really be implemented as soon as possible ^^... or maybe even auto show in raid and auto show in instances if possible. Greetings, and good luck, Fonjask
File: Jaknife09-23-08
Posted By: Fonjask
I like the compass on this addon the most, because it's small and it works great if you also download FaceNorth. I've just got one question, why can't Jaknife remember settings? Every time I log in I have to click Jaknife, go to the options panel and hide the minimap size (can't think of any reason why you would ever want to see the...
File: CCopy09-15-08
Posted By: Fonjask
It's a great addon which is easy to use etc., and never had bugs. But, since I use BossTalk (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info10290-BossTalk.html), every time when I put my mouse on that button it gives an error message which I will update here below. Date: 2008-09-15 19:02:34 ID: 56 Error occured in: Global Count: 1...
File: Detached MiniMap Buttons08-28-08
Posted By: Fonjask
I can't use the docking function for some reason... I have not changed anything in this add-on, it just doesn't work for some reason... Here's a picture of what happens if I do the following commands: /dmbs /dmbs cfg /dmbs dock /dmbs cfg http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/4291/dmbsif6.png As you can see, it doesn't work...
File: oGlow06-24-08
Thanks for the explanation Tralkar,...
Posted By: Fonjask
Thanks for the explanation Tralkar, and what do you mean with that haste forgot the bank slots?: http://img372.imageshack.us/img372/3695/oglowwhitevr3.png
File: UClock06-14-08
Posted By: Fonjask
Is there any way I can change the sound the hourly alarm option makes? If so, please let me know. Thanks.
File: oGlow06-13-08
Disable glow
Posted By: Fonjask
I'm not familiar with coding or writing add-ons at all, but is there a possible (easy) way to disable the white glow around white quality items? Your add-on is beautiful but when I open my mining bag and look at the stones I get an instant headache ^^. Here's a picture of it; don't know if it's clearly visible but just to give you...
File: Ackis Recipe List06-07-08
Re: Here this may help
Posted By: Fonjask
Originally posted by A_Nolan http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info4897-RecipeRadar.html this is for recipe radar its a mini-map add-on and it shows a lot of what your asking for except alphabetical listing but it does have by zone and catagory also alts and skill lv :) :banana: But Recipe Radar has loads of errors and cras...
File: GreedBeacon05-17-08
Not working
Posted By: Fonjask
As it says here, it should give me a link where I should click on to see what people rolled. Well, it doesn't work for me, whenever there is a need/greed situation, nothing shows up and after a small while it says: ****** won , and when I click on it just shows the item, and nothing of your add-on. Could anyone please post me...