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File: Spellready12-11-08
Originally posted by thek Hi, wel...
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Originally posted by thek Hi, well i didn't spend time on this addon for long, but i will take a look at the code and try to add a option for this. Great, thanks
File: Spellready12-10-08
Hi, nice addon, but: is there a way...
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Hi, nice addon, but: is there a way to disable the readyness of the Judgements as a paladin? I have three different judgements on the same cooldown, so it every 6 seconds it says 'Judgement of Wisdom ready' 'Judgement of Light ready' 'Judgement of Justice ready' ... Is there a way to just show 'Judgements ready'? Tha...
File: Ripped12-10-08
Nice addon, but is there a way to c...
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Nice addon, but is there a way to change the Retadin rotation or am I just stupid? Your rotation tells me to put on Seal of Command, then just Crusader Strike all the time... EDIT: And Judgement of the Crusader has been removed from the game since patch 3.x.
File: SimpleCombatLog12-10-08
Does anyone know if this is broken...
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Does anyone know if this is broken for patch 3.x? EDIT: Nvm, http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info9323-YurrCombatLog.html SimpleCombatLog remade for Patch 2.4 and above. Nvm, http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info9323-YurrCombatLog.html
File: JustifyChat12-10-08
Addon with great potential, would l...
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Addon with great potential, would love to see ingame slash commands! And what 'easy combatlog' addon are you using? :banana:s, Fonjask EDIT: Stupid question removed
File: PublishMySkills12-10-08
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First Aid TBC Goods Frostweave Bandage Reagents: Frostweave Cloth → creates → Frostweave Bandage Use: Heals 4800 damage over 8 sec. /\/\ Added in WotLK I like the addon, I don't know if you can change the html of the wow.referencethis website so it can sort on name as well... And ple...
File: Labyrinth (3D Maze Game)12-08-08
The screenshot alone are epic, and...
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The screenshot alone are epic, and the game itself is even more :eek:!
File: Endeavours BossTalk12-08-08
Still love this addon, I installed...
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Still love this addon, I installed this addon on the computers of my friends as well (without them knowing) and now they think I've hacked the game because I can play sound files that they can hear as well :D:D:D:D!!! Furthermore, I added loads of user defined yells and added about 200 things to be yelled when 1) entering combat, 2)...
File: AtlasMajorCities12-07-08
Re: Re: Shaman Trainers
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Originally posted by cashdash Jeah i know, but i rarely Play WoW at the Moment, i can not effort the time for the whole NPCs in this addon.... What about going here? :banana:s, Fonjask
File: GuildBankSearch [redundant]11-27-08
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Better to delete this addonpage then :)
File: QuestClicks11-26-08
/qclicks unexclude What about /q...
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/qclicks unexclude What about /qclick include :D
File: ReloadUI11-26-08
Originally posted by AnrDaemon It...
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Originally posted by AnrDaemon It's so simple, I think noone ever remember they have it installed :) It "just works" in teh best traditions of service programming. It's really helpful. I deleted this addon because I was it was already integrated in WoW, and two days later or smth I found out it wasn't, but it was this addon :...
File: AtlasQuest - Fan Update11-26-08
Great job! O damn... still got a...
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Great job! O damn... still got a quest left in Oculus -,-.... :D Thanks, Fonjask
File: GuildBankSearch [redundant]11-25-08
Re: Re: Good attempt, needs fixes.
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Originally posted by Bigglesuk Thansk for the update Fonjask. I was quite tired when i did it, and some old code got mixed in the zip file. Ive reuploaded with version 3.0.4. have fun. No problem, will try it out in a minute :) EDIT: It is working again! Great job :D EDIT2: Can you also fix other addons or did you just sp...
File: LootDB11-22-08
Any chance for an update for WotLK...
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Any chance for an update for WotLK within 2 months :)?
File: Justice For All!11-22-08
Broke as of patch 3.x, please take...
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Broke as of patch 3.x, please take a look at it.
File: Classic Deathknight Frames11-22-08
This addon works fine here, it's ju...
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This addon works fine here, it's just a pest it isn't disabled for my non-DK class characters.
File: Casualty11-22-08
Any possibility on a .toc update an...
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Any possibility on a .toc update and a disabler in Battlegrounds? I like the mod, when when I feel like doing a BG it just spams me 'Casualty. Casualties. Casualty. Mass Casualties.' etc. :banana:s, Fonjask
File: Ancillary11-22-08
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This is one of the best addons, since it has no options, no commands, just one simple button (drag with right click), and when you leftclick it, all of my professions open (Hearthstone, Blacksmithing, Cooking, First Aid, Fishing, Smelting, and a Reload UI button). Screenshot here for the ones that don't understand why this addon's...
File: GuildBankSearch [redundant]11-21-08
Good attempt, needs fixes.
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Thank you SO much for updating this addon, I'm the banker of a 300-person guild and I was really lost without this addon :). Let me try it out now :) :banana:s, Fonjask EDIT: But how in peeps name could you forget to change the toc to 30000 xD EDIT: And it doesn't work for me, I get these errors when I open the guild b...
File: Deadly Boss Mods11-20-08
Yes. Originally posted by ellano...
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Yes. Originally posted by ellanon So, I should completely delete all version 3 folders, correct?
File: Accomplishment11-20-08
Re: Auto
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Version 2.0 - Major re-write! w00t! - Add options to use say, guild, or whisper channels to congratulate with. As a result, we can now congratulate people outside of your guild when they get an Achievement. Options panel can be found in Interface -> AddOns -> Accomplishment. - Congratulatory message is now customisable. - Fixed z...
File: Class Buttons11-18-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: Bug
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As of the version you updated 20 mins ago it's working again, thanks for fixing it :). Originally posted by kneeki Any chance you could post a screen shot of what you're seeing? I'm having troubles visualizing this. :banana:
File: GuildBankSearch11-11-08
Re: no longer works with 3.0.2
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Originally posted by Bigglesuk This addon no longer works now that 3.0.2 has been released. We noticed that... but IS there a way to update this addon? This was so easy for a tab 1-5 guild bank ='(
File: Accomplishment11-09-08
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Could you please add a function that automatically congratulates Guild members to your TODO list? And indeed, the configurable message would be nice as well. :banana: Fonjask EDIT: I configured the message myself, making it a whisper. I'm in a large guild, and will drive guildies nuts with /g chat. HOWTO: In the Core.lu...