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File: Yay Mounts10-05-12
Zen Flight
Posted By: keeker
Will you be adding support for the Glyph of Zen Flight for monks? Would this be in any way possible? Maybe like if you are moving and you have the glyph then use it or if you don't have it use roll? I believe this would be a really nice addition to the addon. Oh, and I just love this addon, it has come in very handy. Thank you...
File: ArkInventory12-19-09
Re: Random flamer
Posted By: keeker
Originally posted by Donders Hi m8, think you got a potentional addon here, seen options i didnt see else. I also see a stubborn mod i didnt see else. The estate needed is horror for the unprepared, giving it a second chance gives an encounter with the hardcoded min width of 6 rows, i dont like thisss. But look at the result, sigh,...