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File: TomTom02-14-10
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For the last couple of days I've been receiving the following errors when I try to open my world map (which no longer appears): Interface\AddOns\TomTom\TomTom.lua:860: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'left' (a nil value) : ? Interface\AddOns\TomTom\TomTom.lua:860: in function Inter...
File: Stuffing12-28-09
Originally posted by Jimmeh Need...
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Originally posted by Jimmeh Need a way to purchase bank slots without having to disable the addon.Originally posted by Druidicbeast Maybe I missed something, but when I use the open all bags keybind it works fine for opening the frame just not closing it like other bags. These two things are my only small issues with this love...
File: Let It Snow12-07-09
I think it's a bit of fun for winte...
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I think it's a bit of fun for winter/holidays. All you naysayers, just don't install it! :D
File: Character Map01-13-09
Originally posted by ChaosInc Or....
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Originally posted by ChaosInc Or.... You can report the name and have em forced to rename the toon. Happened to one of mine, pissed me off as it was an actual character in the word. :mad: This has not been the case since the Latin America servers went live a while ago. Since their alphabet requires using special characters, t...
File: IshtaraUi10-16-08
Re: 3.0?
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Originally posted by Kallianna Hey Ish :) Are you going to be updating this one to fit with 3.0? Pweeeeeeeese? No SS of me using your UI until you do! :p
File: IshtaraUi10-06-08
My UI. Mine. All mine. Thank y...
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My UI. Mine. All mine. Thank you Ish! <3
File: TourGuide08-04-08
Originally posted by Tekkub Yes,...
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Originally posted by Tekkub Yes, I will course be making sure TG works in Wrath. Before you people ask, yes I will be working on guides while I am in the beta, but do NOT expect me to release them until a few weeks after Wrath goes live. I've said before that I think people should read quests and use their brains the first time t...
File: Chatter08-02-08
Config options pane blank
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Since the last beta patch (8-1-08), the Chatter options pane is coming up blank. The scrollbar shows, but no options. This happens both when I type /chatter and when I choose Chatter from the Interface/Addons menu. I am using the latest build you linked in the beta forums (that fixed the right-click chat tab menu issue).
File: Blazing Saddles07-30-08
Originally posted by Darkspell Do...
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Originally posted by Darkspell Does not seem to work for me. /mountrandom machine; rocket; dreadsteed I haven't used the mod, so I can't say for sure, but I'm guessing that the semicolon between machine and rocket needs to be a comma.
File: Dominos07-16-08
Originally posted by Tuller Hint:...
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Originally posted by Tuller Hint: Its skinner and you should disable mainbar skinning. I must blind, but I cannot locate the "mainbar" part of Skinner to disable it. Anyone willing to give a little more detail to visually challenged me? :D