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File: Amf n52te Action Bar11-01-10
Edit Mode
Posted By: Tondef
Just wondering if there is a way to change what you have set up as the arrow keys to be something else ( I use mouse and D-pad to move). And I was wondering if you could provide button graphics for SHIFT, ALT, CTRL. For me it would be helpful since I use 2 buttons on the N52 for modifier keys to change keys. Something li...
File: SLDataText10-23-10
Posted By: Tondef
Sorry to be a dolt, but tried Shift-drag, Alt-Drag, Ctrl-drag, looked in the interface section but I do not see how to move these frames. Could you explain in your description please?
File: TauntMaster10-18-10
While you're working on the code. D...
Posted By: Tondef
While you're working on the code. Do you think that you could add an option to place the anchor in upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right? So that the units grow from there instead of the center anchor that we currently have. I just don't like the center anchor as when I run 25, or WG I end up with TM unit frames all ov...
File: Mage Nuggets10-13-10
Just wondering if anyone else is ha...
Posted By: Tondef
Just wondering if anyone else is having issues repositioning the Mage Nugget windows?
File: Group Calendar 508-09-10
Yup, having the same issues as othe...
Posted By: Tondef
Yup, having the same issues as others below. I'm not sure what changed in WoW. 3x Blizzard_Calendar\Blizzard_Calendar.lua:3656: bad argument #2 to 'SetFormattedText' (string expected, got nil) Blizzard_Calendar\Blizzard_Calendar.lua:3656: in function `CalendarCreateEventFrame_Update' Blizzard_Calendar\Blizzard_Calendar.lua:3535...
File: Boss Notes08-04-10
Sync Option?
Posted By: Tondef
I was wondering if there was a method to have the rules shared across my characters on a server. I know that there is the option to send the rules to other's in the raid, but can't find how to do this.
File: Get Off My Lawn!07-19-10
Is there a way that I could edit th...
Posted By: Tondef
Is there a way that I could edit the trade chat filter? I don't see where you are storing the text strings to compare them to. If possible I would like to let the LFM / LF text lines though as that is how we have to find PUG raids on my server. But the rest of the the trade and go in the bit bucket.
File: HeadCount04-26-10
Started receiving the following err...
Posted By: Tondef
Started receiving the following error at every login. 2x HeadCount-1.7.4\HeadCountFrames.lua:327: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) --- Looks like it is in this block: -- Display if the active raid text if it exists local zone = raid:getZone() local difficulty = raid:getDifficulty() local difficu...
File: Tidy Plates: EPEEN04-03-10
HILARIOUS! You Sir, Rock and Roll....
Posted By: Tondef
HILARIOUS! You Sir, Rock and Roll. This is some funny stuff. Cheers!
File: MacroBank01-03-10
Lost Functions since 3.3
Posted By: Tondef
Since 3.3 I don't have the ability to create new macro groups, or edit in Macro Bank anymore. I have attempted to reinstall without deleting the saved variables with no success. The addon is not throwing any errors, just the buttons and the functions are gone. If I create a macro normally I can still save it to and load it f...
File: Deadly Boss Mods12-13-09
Latest version 2645 or 2654?
Posted By: Tondef
Just wondering which is the correct version, 2645 or 2654? Here on WoW Interface is shows as 2654 dated 9 Dec, and on Curse it is 2645 dated 9 Dec. I'm sure it is a typo on one of the sites.
File: Ardent Defender11-22-09
Don't suppose you could update the...
Posted By: Tondef
Don't suppose you could update the file repository over on Curse as well. I'm using their update client until Minion finishes beta (kinda like waiting for a child to be born, go to school, and graduate college - same time frame), and it would be nice to be able to update directly.
File: SmartBuff09-14-09
Would it be possible to add Mage Fo...
Posted By: Tondef
Would it be possible to add Mage Focus Magic into SmartBuff? It is normally just placed on one of the other mages or casters. Cork use to remember who I had placed it on, but alas I'm trying to get to fewer addons.
File: _NPCScan.Overlay09-13-09
could you give us a way to turn off...
Posted By: Tondef
could you give us a way to turn off or move the legend box? Using Carbonite I end up with the legend covering the bottom left of my map that I normally use.
File: Power Auras Classic09-10-09
dooh :eek: Yup went to the wrong p...
Posted By: Tondef
dooh :eek: Yup went to the wrong page. Thanks for the redirect.
File: Power Auras Classic09-10-09
Import Error
Posted By: Tondef
While trying to use the Import function I received the following error. PowerAuras-2.6.2V\PowerAurasClasses.lua:480: attempt to index local 'base' (a nil value) PowerAuras-2.6.2V\PowerAurasClasses.lua:33: in function `cPowaAura' PowerAuras-2.6.2V\PowerAuras.lua:1463: in function `ImportAura' PowerAuras-2.6.2V\PowerAuras.lua:152...
File: Power Auras Classic09-10-09
Aura Collections?
Posted By: Tondef
Is there a forum anywhere with a collection of auras already made that we could import? With a faction change and server transfer I lost my spiffy auras and have been looking for more. Edit: Actually I found one -> Rivkah's World of Warcraft But I'm still looking for more.
File: Prat 3.009-07-09
Lost sound alerts
Posted By: Tondef
Appears that since the last patch, even though I have sounds enabled that I can't get to the options for the sound settings. The option button is grayed out, and I no longer get any sound alerts for whispers, raid alerts. Am I missing something? :confused:
File: TourGuide - FlawsGuides08-30-09
Any chance of a future option to he...
Posted By: Tondef
Any chance of a future option to help us find the "other" quests to complete the Loremaster titles in the areas? All the leveling addons are great, just that later when you are 80 and trying to go back and finish, it is a bit tough.
File: ScrapBook07-03-09
Disable when window not in focus?
Posted By: Tondef
Would it be possible to disable when WoW does not have focus (ie windowed out). When it takes a SS and I'm windowed out, the UI doesn't come back and I have to /reloadui to get it back on the screen.
File: Multishot (Screenshot)06-01-09
Would it be possible to apply the d...
Posted By: Tondef
Would it be possible to apply the delay to boss kills too? I've played with it, but it still insta-snaps the picture on boss kill, and using BossEncounter 2 normally I have the first 3-4 giant letters of COMPLETE and lens flare blocking the screen. Originally posted by Derpo Hit escape, select interface settings, addons-tab and...
File: BossEncounter205-25-09
Posted By: Tondef
This is art. I've used both BW and DBM and they look like DOS next to MacOS in comparison. I just wish that there were a few options, makes me kinda nervous when I go into a boss fight and have no idea what information the addon will display and what I need to make sure is provided from other addons. Could you give some more det...
File: DagAssist05-18-09
Dag Assist and nUI
Posted By: Tondef
nUI has a Button Bag, and Dag Assist has escaped. Any chance of a slash command to bring it up while you think about Titan/Fu/Info bar type interfaces? Really awesome addon. Thank you
File: HealBot Continued05-12-09
Having some issues on my Shaman. W...
Posted By: Tondef
Having some issues on my Shaman. When I summon a pet/elemental Healbot will report my health as 100% no mater what. It seems to fix after the pet/elemental is gone and I move to the next fight. Any suggestions?
File: CustomEmotes05-07-09
I don't know to much about the codi...
Posted By: Tondef
I don't know to much about the coding of addons, but would it be possible to code this into a LibDataBroker item? With addons doing open combat for screen space, it would be nice to be able to put this one on the Titan/Fu/Broker bar up top overseeing the battle.