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File: WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)09-03-07
Posted By: Jzar
Wow... This is by far the nicest looking mod I think that exists in all of WoW. Very professional, and for possibly the first time ever, a mod works exactly the way I'd like it to, and I don't even have to go do ugly dirty hacks at the source code! I thought Forgotten Chat was a nice improvement over the default method of handli...
File: QuestIon08-29-07
Fubar / Titan / Minimap Extensions
Posted By: Jzar
I will certainly add those to the list. I'll probably get to them in v1.7.5 (i.e., when the semester ends, if homework keeps going the way it has been...). On a side note, I've got mine with Auto-minimize and Auto-fadeout enabled, and the fade-out alpha set to 0. This means that you choose the corner to lock to, you stick it so...
File: QuestIon08-25-07
Re: bugs, bugs, bugs
Posted By: Jzar
Yup. It was like that when I inherited this mod from Jefftyjeff. I'm still working on finishing out some feature requests for 1.7.3, and I'll probably try to isolate and lock down the issue with it never remembering where you stuck it for 1.7.4. Stay posted, and watch for updates!
File: QuestIon08-18-07
Incompatability Issues
Posted By: Jzar
Hmmm... I could SWEAR when I updated the file, I actually uploaded the new version too. Apparently, that's not the case. It's not a dependency issue, it's the build number I had in the TOC file. Which I don't understand, because even the old build number I had doesn't show as incompatible with my WoW client... Oh well, I've uplo...
File: Quest-I-On (WoW 2.0 update)08-16-07
New Update to QuestIon
Posted By: Jzar
http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7454-QuestIon.html Many of your feature requests (but not all) are there.