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File: Crystal UI (Aion: Tower of Eternity)05-06-09
Macaroon Confusion
Posted By: kittykatmax
Hi, I loved the look of your addon and I'm trying to get everything set up for a 1920 x 1200 resolution. 1. I can't get the time on the calendar to show without having all of the minimap over the attractive graphic. I couldn't get any of the minimap buttons to behave, so I am using an addon called MBB. If you have suggestions...
File: Livestock05-06-09
Pet autosummon paused when quest
Posted By: kittykatmax
Thanks for a great addon! I hope you continue to support it. A feature I would love to see (if possible) has to do with how Livestock recognizes non-vanity quest "pets". For those quests where the quest item used takes the place of your vanity pet, Livestock needs to be manually disabled to avoid trouble. The Children's week Or...
File: Useful Extras04-07-09
Posted By: kittykatmax
Just wanted to thank you again for a great addon that I can't WoW without - and for being so responsive to feature suggestions and bug fixes. :)
File: Auditor04-02-09
AuditorFu and LDB
Posted By: kittykatmax
I personally have AuditorFu working just fine with Fortress. I didn't do anything to edit AuditorFu, I just use the following: Fubar_AuditorFu 3.2.1 Fubar2Broker Fubar_for_ Fubar2Broker (it's a "dummy" fubar for use with LDB) Fortress In the Fortress Settings, there's a section to change how AuditorFu works in terms of jus...
File: WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)04-02-09
April Fool's Joke NOT funny
Posted By: kittykatmax
Took me nearly the whole day to figure out it was your addon (which I had started using the day before for the first time) that had me thinking my computer was infected with malware. I only figured it out when I tried using your addon on my Mac and the same sounds occurred. I lost half a day of leveling my new main because I wa...
File: Necrosis skin "BOX"12-14-08
i also would love to see support fo...
Posted By: kittykatmax
i also would love to see support for the newest version of Necrosis and the buttons for the newest spells. Your buttons look so much better than the default. Thanks for the great work!
File: Useful Extras11-20-08
Re: UE 0.08b
Posted By: kittykatmax
I am so excited to see this! Twobox has been acting a little funky lately so it's great to know I can finally leave it behind. Thanks so much for doing this...I can't believe you even got to it so quickly; I feel like I have my own private Addon maker. rofl My best to you and your fiance.
File: Useful Extras11-18-08
Re: Re: Re: Ground mount Issue and UE 0.07b
Posted By: kittykatmax
Thanks again for being so amazingly responsive. I had no set expectations for when anything I commented on might be addressed; I realize these addons are a gift to the rest of us and I appreciate both your great work and your willingness to share it with the rest of us! That last version worked perfectly. I will check out your po...
File: Useful Extras11-17-08
Re: Ground mount Issue and UE 0.07b
Posted By: kittykatmax
Mounts are: Item 2 is: Amani War Bear Item 3 is: Armored Brown Bear Item 4 is: Big Blizzard Bear Item 5 is: Blue Qiraji Battle Tank** Item 6 is: Cenarion War Hippogryph Item 7 is: Red Riding Nether Ray Item...
File: tekKompare11-17-08
Addon that tells you what gear you have
Posted By: kittykatmax
It sounds like it may conflict with tekKompare (I haven't tried this addon yet), but I use ArkInventory as a bags/inventory addon. it tells you what you have in the item tooltip, so if you look at an item, it will tell you which toons on that account have it and where (bank/bags/mail). So when raiding on my paladin, if offset gear d...
File: Useful Extras11-16-08
Ground mount issue in Northrend
Posted By: kittykatmax
I am new to using Useful Extras and 0.05b was my first introduction to your great addon. In Northrend (at least in Dalaran, where I first used the automount feature), it appears your addon calls on flying mounts when you send a tell for the ground mount (I received the "you can't use that here" error). I downloaded an older version...