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File: Scrap (Junk Seller)10-31-10
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Is anyone else having a problem with the AutoSell at vendors? It's enabled, but does not autosell when i visit. I have to click the Sell button. I've tried tracking it down thru the code, and it seems that the MerchantFrame:IsShown() is returning nil, when i open the vendor window. Basically, the variable is returning true someti...
File: Yay Mounts10-31-10
Originally posted by FaldonCow...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Originally posted by FaldonCow For DBW, if you mean the addon needs to do that, it can't (easily) be done anymore. Cancelaura is a protected function now, and the workaround is, as far as I know at the moment, fairly messy. No, no. I just needed the /click command. My own macro handles the cancleaura. Thanks.
File: Yay Mounts10-30-10
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Seems to work well. Could use a macro command to execute, however. I want to be able to cast Path of Frost/Crusader Aura before mounting. As well, as still needing to cancelaura from DBW buffs. Regards.
File: Atlas10-18-10
Posted By: DaemonSambe
No idea why i had this problem, but rebuilding Atlas and all plugins resolved the issue.
File: DocsNameplates10-14-10
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Have you noticed how really difficult it is to get to a mailbox in IF or SW? The entire nameplate frame of the 10 people standing in front of the box makes it impossible to reach. There's just a really large bit of area between the toon and the top of the name frame (which is only text). Not really sure what all of that mouseover st...
File: Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)10-14-10
Right Click
Posted By: DaemonSambe
How do i disable right click on the bars, loading the options? I don't really see the need for that, and it's getting in the way.
File: SliceCommander10-03-10
Frame Position
Posted By: DaemonSambe
You really need to move the Frame Position data to save in the Saved Variables. I know that leaving it in layout.txt is easy, but it's really annoying. It makes the mob not work well with AddonLoader ( the window resets each load ). And if you ever load the system without the mod, the position data is wiped out and has to be redone....
File: Button Forge08-05-10
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Very interesting mod so far. Could rival Macaroon, with a little more power. 1. It needs a way to edit macro buttons in game. Basically, all of my buttons are macros at this point, comprising multiple actions. The mod seems to store those macros outside of Blizz's macro limitations, which is great. But i have to go edit the lua to...
File: Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)08-03-10
Oh wierd. That option must be new....
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Oh wierd. That option must be new. I was certain it wasn't there before. Thanks.
File: Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)08-02-10
Pet/Vehicle Bar
Posted By: DaemonSambe
How do i get it to hide the Default Pet/Vehicle bar, if i've added a gnosis bar for pets/vehicles?
File: DocsNameplates06-25-10
Posted By: DaemonSambe
I really like the mod, but one thing bugs me to no end. I hate seeing player names. Hate it to death. Raiding 25m with names on is just obscene. That said, i like enabling Player nameplates with your mod (and only this mod), because it alters the names of npcs as well, allowing for a more visible font. Is there no way to alt...
File: Revelation06-19-10
Completely screwed
Posted By: DaemonSambe
This mod has turned into a total waste of resources on so many occasions. I start by selecting the recipe i want, making very certain it's the correct one, which can be an issue because of the (1)miniscule font size. My first issue, but one i can deal with. It starts crafting, and somehow, the (2)recipes have gotten cross lin...
File: Konfer PUG Edition06-02-10
Timeout extension
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Can we get an option to disable the roll timeout extension? It actually annoys me when people roll late and i have to wait again. In 25m man, it can continue for upwards of 30s, and i have no patience for handholding people thru raid loot. I also can't seem to get the countdown to work. It annouce 10s at the start of loot, but not...
File: Professional05-14-10
Date: 2010-05-14 03:31:40 ID: 1 E...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Date: 2010-05-14 03:31:40 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Professional\Lib\Blacksmith.lua line 17: attempt to call global 'Blacksmith_text_105' (a nil value) Debug: : Blacksmith_text_105() Professional\Lib\Blacksmith.lua:17: in main chunk Posted on 2 of my toons, out of 7... and neithe...
File: Consolid805-05-10
Loot Rolls
Posted By: DaemonSambe
I currently use NeedyGreedy for monitoring Loot Rolls, which is a fine mod. I can't say i'd complain if you handled it as well; i'd choose one or the other. Just make sure it looks nice. Hate ugly visuals on mods.
File: Auracle (De)Buff Monitor05-05-10
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Is there anyway to force a priority order, if i have multiple buffs/debuffs in 1 tracker? I want to track an always on buff, to make certain it's always on, but always want to track a class proc on top of it. I don't want many trackers, especially for this particular pair of buffs. Regards
File: oUF_Hank03-26-10
This is an intriguing design choice...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
This is an intriguing design choice for Unitframes. I'm looking forward to using it greatly. My one question/suggestion offhand would be for health color changes as health drops. I'll probably tinker with the code, to see how to do it, and how it would impact the visuals. Regards.
File: recRunes02-24-10
Like the mod alot, especially with...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Like the mod alot, especially with the new visuals. Do you think it's possible to modify for rogue/druid energy & combo points? As well as warrior rage & i suppose sunders? I'm looking in to it now. The rage/energy should be fine, as it's just another form of power, but i can't tell as yet, how much would need to be changed f...
File: NeedyGreedy02-22-10
Re: Re: Detached Frame
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Originally posted by lokyst If you get the scaling stuff working, I'll be happy to include it. The scale is straightforward.; i added it to line 1200, of the latest build 1.2.3. 1198 if not LibQTip:IsAcquired("NeedyGreedyReport") then 1199 self.detachedTooltip = LibQTip:Acquire("NeedyGreedyReport", 1, "LEFT") 120...
File: NeedyGreedy02-22-10
Detached Frame
Posted By: DaemonSambe
The 'Hide in Combat' option doesn't seem to work on the detached frame... But more than that, the general behaviour of the detached frame is bugged, and it can remain open for various reasons. 1. Roll has been completed, but the loot hasn't passed. This will maintain an open window indefintely. 2. Zoning while the window is open....
File: NeedyGreedy02-11-10
Posted By: DaemonSambe
The timeout variable doesn't seem to work. The description lists it as minutes, but no matter the setting, it will timeout within 5s of loot being received.
File: Athene's Upgrade Estimator12-25-09
Chat spam
Posted By: DaemonSambe
A. Gettings lots of chat spam at the moment: Output: AUELocal.Warrior.CreateDPSSPells B. Date: 2009-12-25 20:09:05 ID: 2 Error occured in: Global Count: 276 Message: ...\AthenesUpgradeEstimator\AthenesUpgradeEstimator.lua line 119: attempt to concatenate local 'link' (a nil value) Debug: : ? ...\AthenesUpgradeE...
File: _VirtualPlates11-05-09
Really good addon, but...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
It makes WoW crash alot for me. Probably in conjunction with my other mods. Since removing it, i haven't crashed out, doing toc.25. I would suggest checking performance inc conjunction with Aloft, which also modifies the nameplates, as therein seems to be the problem. Will revisit this in a few weeks. Regards.
File: VuhDo10-31-09
Re: Re: Loving it...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Originally posted by Iza Hi, thank you. 1. I'll think about that. 2. A timer for this will be shown in tooltips. 3. Spells and buffs (optional) can be saved for specific specs in options=>spells=>misc (save different spell layouts and check "Spec 1/2" have "include HoTs" to also save Hot slots) 4. You're right. Cool. Got a...
File: VuhDo10-30-09
Loving it...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Really liking the mod. Well on it's way to replacing all of my other raid mods, which i didn't expect. A couple requests though: 1. Can you add an option or move the location of the FLAGS? I'm using a grid-style layout, and the (d/c, afk, ...) flags, are obscuring most of the player name. Highly important when i'm trying to find...