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File: BasicMinimap07-21-11
triyn to find where/how to move the...
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triyn to find where/how to move the clock up top.
File: nibChatTabs07-21-11
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you couldnt possible support rchat?. =). http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info18319-rChat.html edit: NM i just removed fading.lua from rchat and it all works fine.
File: Doom_CooldownPulse07-21-11
death knights
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kinda broken for dks, shows spells that cost runes and have no cooldown, as off cooldown when runes recharge. I tried adding every spell that costs runes and have no cooldown to the ignore list, but it wont ignore.
File: xCT07-20-11
Re: Re: some stuff that would be cool
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Originally posted by dandruff Power Gains is definitely something I'm looking at now. I'm trying to follow affli's todo list: I am immensely interested on how you fixed "stay-on-screen-thingy". I haven't been able to pin point where it is happening since it seems extremely random. --limit lines local function...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)07-19-11
Re: Re: rDiabloPlates
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Originally posted by zork To make that possible you need to have access to the unitID or unitGUID that is bound to the nameplate. If you get access the unit please let me know. Once you have the unitID you can call unitClass() functions etc. to get the exact color values. the color i just meant the color of the name in target...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)07-18-11
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rDiabloPlates, im tryin to remove the lvl text. Also, i amlooking into making a small change, instead of fading out non target, have the same alpha, and just have your target have the flashy left and right art, so untargeted mobs still have full alpha but no left and right border art, that lets you distinguish between target...
File: xCT07-17-11
Re: Re: some stuff that would be cool
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Originally posted by dandruff In your config.lua file, you could change '3' to be some large number to ensure it would stay up for a while: = 3, Then, you could shrink the window to only show 1 line. I'll see what I can do to add an easy way to change the CRIT font settings and also the location of the icon. Unle...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)07-16-11
orb estimated heal.
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Would estimated heal be something to add on the health-orb?, like some raid frames have a estimated healing bar show when someones using a cast heal spell on him/her. Would be cool to have on the health-orb, for tanking mainly. invaluable for a dk tank. My guess is that it would be hard to make it work in a orb shape and such. cheers...
File: Kong Automatic UI Hider07-16-11
lol, of course i forget to Google....
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lol, of course i forget to Google. sigh ;P. cheers.
File: Kong Automatic UI Hider07-14-11
while hiding my chat in-combat, i g...
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while hiding my chat in-combat, i get this spam after combat in chat, ALERT, NO NUMBER FOUND: kinda annoying, but awsome addon! =) anyone got a clue how to get around this?.
File: oUF_Freebgrid07-13-11
Hey love these raidframes, i was wo...
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Hey love these raidframes, i was wondering 2 things, would it be possible to match the background texture to the foreground texture?("statusbar"). And also would it be really hard to insert raid castbars aswell?, just someting i thought could be cool but prob way to distracting ;). Matching background texture would make it look a...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)07-10-11
also not 100% sure its related to r...
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also not 100% sure its related to rothui, but anyone had this happen? 2x Interface\FrameXML\UnitPowerBarAlt.lua:49: Usage: GameTooltip:SetText("text" ): Interface\FrameXML\UnitPowerBarAlt.lua:49: in function `UnitPowerBarAlt_OnEnter': :"*:OnEnter":1: in function <:1> i have no such directory so it must be some addon...
File: CoolLine07-10-11
hey love your addon, it works reall...
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hey love your addon, it works really well with deathknight cooldowns, it accually shows when a rune cost cooldown is off its cooldown and not just off cooldown and having the rune avaible. most other types of line cd addons, start pushing out everything that has a rune cost into it just cause wow says its off cooldown when runes are....
File: Ferous Media Pack07-10-11
sharedmedia has a .bat that scans a...
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sharedmedia has a .bat that scans a few directorys and makes the nessesary luas and xml's into its own "addon", you could just place the media in the appropriate folders and it will be added to your shared medias, it currently supports background border font sound statusbar but im sure it wouldnt be to hard to add extra reg...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)07-10-11
smart target dots/debuffs
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had this idea a while, that you could take out a targets DoT's(icons.w/orwithout timers) and replace it with target total DoT dps, dot count, and when the closest dot is going to expire(something like 40k-5s-, ). clickable to expand into its original state. that would still leave you with debuffs and a better picture of how high the...
File: Aloft07-08-11
fixed targeting area?
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just curious did 4.2 solve the fixed/locked/unmovable targeting area for nameplates?. i love being able to move the nameplates up a bit from directly over mobs heads by 1mm. to i donno a inch. targeting area is still locked. same as before or is there any hope of having proper targeting area on shifted nameplates?.
File: Roth UI (Diablo)07-06-11
Re: Re: Video
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Originally posted by Gorunnus Hey.. i wanted to do a video with RothUI, can you tell me what Capture program are u using? I tried Fraps, registered, but files just devour (literally) my HDD space and i end up with files that are shorter than 5mins and over 10GB of HDD space.. Fraps: 1920x1080, full size and with 40FPS. tr...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)07-04-11
is there any easyish way to resize...
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is there any easyish way to resize portraits?, for instance i use target portrait under the text of of the target portrait. i find it looks pretty. atm im using simple3dportraits instead, id rather just have ouf_diablo handling it tho. awsome work as always. edit: meant re-size not rescale.
File: xCT06-29-11
some stuff that would be cool
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anyone know if and where you can change in the code to have icons on the left side instead?, also if its possible to have crits show up with larger icon/font. also if you could set it up to persist in a single line, overwriting it at whatever pace the next inc comes. any or all of these options would be awsome =), cheers for any help.
File: xCT06-18-11
id like to have each display show a...
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id like to have each display show a maxline of 1, so that every new occurance overwrites the last one, sort of like combatfeedback, is a stretch to edit out or?, cheers for any help.
File: Engraved06-08-11
Finnish effect would be a nice touc...
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Finnish effect would be a nice touch, a little blink or twinkle or something, just to be 100% that the rune is ready, also catches your eye. awesome addon =) edit: i love the idea of staging rune cooldown type effect, so when its empty it is has no glow and is empty, the following 5ish stages will reflect how close it is to coom...
File: Aloft06-03-11
awsomecakes, my crappy memory had i...
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awsomecakes, my crappy memory had installed this a long time ago, at the time there where not many config options, im guessing it has improved since!, dowloading. cheers.
File: Aloft06-01-11
im looking for a way to add one thi...
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im looking for a way to add one thing, specific debuff icons just above nameplates, specificly cc's with timers on there respective icons. like shockwave and other stuns, maybe some specific slows, mindcontrol, frozen by ring of frost or hungering cold, etc. this is mainly to keep track of important ccing during raids. is there any v...
File: nibChatTabs05-30-11
Originally posted by Nibelheim Op...
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Originally posted by Nibelheim Opacity > No Mouse Alpha and Mouseover Alphas are probably what you want to adjust. it doesn't seem to care what i set it too. it wont change alpha, hmm maybe some other chat addon is interfering. yeah it was rChat. tryin to fix atm so there compatible.
File: nibChatTabs05-29-11
am i retarded or cant i make tabs i...
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am i retarded or cant i make tabs invisible , and show only on mouseover?.