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File: Ion: Menu Bar10-14-10
Turning off macro titles?
Posted By: Morgaloth
I feel really stupid having to ask this but the interface has become extremly complex lately. I've dropped an Ingame MAcro into a button, and the MAcro name is displayed. How do i turn this off? All the Global options seem to have been removed. Also, how do turn cooldown timers to numbers? Thx for for any help.
File: Chatterbox11-30-08
Posted By: Morgaloth
is there anyway to have Chatterbox do a custom emote? I've tried /em text in the text line and it just outputs that to the SAY line. I'd like to do some fishing emotes. =(
File: Clique05-26-07
Using Archud
Posted By: Morgaloth
I use Archud and want to Right-click to cast my heal in raids and groups. unfortunalty, when i right click on my Hud to access Party functions like changing loot options, i start casting heal... i've checked the Options, and see frames from Perl, X-perl and many other frames, but nothing for Archud. I even tried using the script you...
File: SpamSentry05-24-07
don't be so hard on blizz, beaver
Posted By: Morgaloth
i too was a little upset to see that blizz is now blocking add-ons from creating a ticket. but if you read the notes before the patch, you'd see that the new stuff blizz does nothing to FILTER the spam, you'll get every annoying message, but then they want you to use THEIR new reporting function, which will then place that acount on...
File: Deranged02-09-07
I know the feeling.
Posted By: Morgaloth
no worries. i been home sick for 3 days with the flu, so can understand being out of it. What i ended up doing (after rereading the manual) was delete the whisperer module and install the baselist. But umm... it's still not really doing anything. i drop a totem and move out of range and nothing. after playing with SCT i assume it'...
File: Deranged02-09-07
Have the latest SCT
Posted By: Morgaloth
No, thats where i got the SCT was wowace. it's the error message described below thats the problem now. there is no Babblespell in your zip. i grabbed it from another mod, but it didn't seem to help.
File: Deranged02-08-07
trying it out
Posted By: Morgaloth
I'll give it a shot since i group with a pally a lot. hoping it works with totems too, since i never got totem range to work. since i don't raid, didn't want to have big bulky thing up. hope you make a version of totemrange without bigwigs Ok, i'm getting a dependancy missing, SCT. =/ where do i find this? Found SCT at WoWace....
File: XLoot02-05-07
Error message on login
Posted By: Morgaloth
seems like an awesome mod, but been having MAJOR problems trying to get it too load and function. Works fine on some toons but not others. so i know it must be a conflict. After disabling a LOT of my mods on a toon that it loaded but i got default loot frames i started getting this message: Interface\AddOns\XLoot\libs\AceOO\Ac...
File: Fubar -- MTA_PetFu02-05-07
get error all the time?
Posted By: Morgaloth
sorry it took so long to get back to this, was leveling a new hunter. =) i don't get any error, so i'm wondering if you only get this error the first time you log in after you started using the addon, or everytime? does it go away after you have some stabled pet info? i will try and figure it out, though i don't get as detailed...
File: BigWigs_TotemRange02-01-07
ok, i feel stupid
Posted By: Morgaloth
i've never used Bigwigs, since i've never raided. i downloaded it though and got IT to run, but can't figure out how to make totems run. does this go in one of the Bigwigs folders? Help! hehe.. seems like a get one since i just started a shammy
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic02-01-07
no food in bag?
Posted By: Morgaloth
just started using this mod. i have a Dragonhawk that will eat just about anything, i have Tel'Abim Banana's in my pack. the tooltip on it says he love s to eat them, but i keep getting the spam Dragonhawk is Hungry! Could not find and food in your bags for Dragonhawk. I've even turned off all the do not use checks and nothin...
File: Manufac - A New Look at the Tradeskill UI01-22-07
hope this gets updated
Posted By: Morgaloth
Seems totally broken after the release of TBC, please update, it's seems awesome.
File: RicoMiniMap01-21-07
Awesome Job!
Posted By: Morgaloth
Finally i can replace my old SquareMiniMap with this. has all the features i wanted implented perfectly! small bug - when i select the Show Coord tentths i get ......RicoMiniMap/lua329:attempt to call method 'Update' (a nil value) the check beside the option does not change but the display does
File: FuBar - RogueTimerFu01-19-07
Blade Flurry still broken
Posted By: Morgaloth
I've downloaded the new version from WoWAce, and Bladeflurry still resets when it hits the secondary target... works fine if you just have one target. it's the second one that screws it up.
File: CandyDice01-19-07
is there any chance...
Posted By: Morgaloth
that you can add a way to REMOVE abilites or cooldowns? I only want Kick and Blade flurry to show at the moment. am i just missing a way to do this? Also, how can you change textures? i've added some from another bar mod and it won't let me change them
File: FuBar 3.6.501-18-07
disabling the Scroll function on tooltips?
Posted By: Morgaloth
anyone have any clue how to disable the Scroll function that appears when a tooltip gets too big? having this problem with my Addon. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info6716-Fubar--MTA_PetFu.html Have had no luck getting any answers in other forums. I assume it's from the Tablet, but can't figure out how to set size. the...
File: FuBar - RogueTimerFu01-06-07
Blade Flurry bug
Posted By: Morgaloth
Thanks for adding Blade Flurry! Unfortunatly, whenever i hit the additional mob, it seems to reset back to it's full length. I just grabbed the latest version from wowace.
File: WeaponRebuff 3.401-03-07
Posted By: Morgaloth
just need to make it FuBar enabledand it'll be perfect. (and ican get rid of PoisonFu )
File: Auditor01-01-07
New Years Bug?
Posted By: Morgaloth
on January 1st, when i hover over the fubar bar icon i get : .....AuditorFu.lua:609: AceLocale(AuditorFu): Translation "DATE_1/" does not exist. and the info Tooltip won't show.
File: FuBar - RogueTimerFu12-30-06
Trinket Error
Posted By: Morgaloth
I get he following error when i LEFT click my Cold Basislisk Eye from the hotbar... .....FuBar_RogueTimerFu\Bars\Stuns.lua:181:Babble-Spell-2.2:Reverse Translation for "Cold Eye"does not exist. Does not occur when i right click the button
File: FuBar - RogueTimerFu12-30-06
Blade Flurry?
Posted By: Morgaloth
any chance of getting a bar for this Talent based skill? Lasts 15 seconds.
File: Bandager12-26-06
nice start!
Posted By: Morgaloth
looks good, but for some reason it only uses heavy silk bandages, though i have heavy mageweave in inventory. Should i be doing something? didn't see any way to select types.
File: FuBar - RestFu12-26-06
Love the addon! just startedusing F...
Posted By: Morgaloth
Love the addon! just startedusing FuBar and this was one of my first addon's. My only request, is there any way to make the icon...err.. like glow? or something when you are in a resting area.