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File: MayronUI Gen510-28-13
Posted By: jammet
Hey =) Awesome UI btw! Love it! Just asking are the raid frames supposed to be the default blizzard raid frames or have I done something wrong in the installation? Thanks
File: AffinityUI03-23-13
Weak Auras
Posted By: jammet
I am getting confused with imprting the weak auras from the pastebin you linked, I copy and paste 1.http://pastebin.com/HuHbPA9A] into the weak aura import window and it comes up with an error message message saying unknown compression method. Please help, what am I doing wrong? Edit Ok i figured out what im supposed to paste...
File: Towelliee's Tank UI / LUI (16:9)02-04-13
UI resolution
Posted By: jammet
The UI seems a bit squished the raid frames bar overlaps into the dps meter, how do i change the resoultion to 1680x1050 instead of 1920x1050?