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File: Hard Yards09-08-16
Re: Add Move Instructions to chat help?
Posted By: Taraezor
It's possible that this is my problem, since all the addons that have chat help are failing to scroll in my general chat pane (even on the ones with the default font size). However, I had to come here to find out how to move the box with the numbers in it. If that info is not in the help as output to the chat pane, could it be put th...
File: Bear in Mind08-31-16
Posted By: Taraezor
Just stumbled upon this. What a cute and yet useful idea!
File: Best Quest06-01-16
Re: Can't download
Posted By: Taraezor
I'm getting an invalid filename. "Best_Quest\*Read Me*.txt" when using WinZip. Minion just downloads and hangs. Strange. This is the only such comment from across all my AddOns which have totally many thousands of downloads. Maybe a temporary problem with the latest Minion build. Have you tried installing normally. I just di...
File: Hard Yards05-27-16
v2.00 Legion
Posted By: Taraezor
Rewritten for Legion. Will now add range estimation to Tooltips. Taint sources removed. Cleaner/quicker/less memory. Easier to move around the screen. Algorithm for distance estimation enhanced. (Until I upload a Legion BETA specific version simply update the interface version in the TOC file to '70000') Taraezor's News
File: Comix05-13-16
Oh this AddOn is so much fun. Why d...
Posted By: Taraezor
Oh this AddOn is so much fun. Why didn't I download it before lol. I have left a toon at a training dummy just so I can hear / see this in action. THIS has made my day.
File: Tip05-11-16
Posted By: Taraezor
Anything you see linked in chat will now have its internal "hyperlink" ID and ID type recognised by Tip. Whether this be Achievements, Quests or whatever. While testing I could not break this. But then, surely one of you can rise to the challenge (sigh). Those parts of the UI not covered by Tip, such as Achievements, can simply be...
File: This Scampi Happening04-30-16
WoW Interface Pick of the Week!!!
Posted By: Taraezor
http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53379 Oh thank you Seerah for the recognition. This surely scampi happening!
File: This Scampi Happening04-27-16
Thank You!
Posted By: Taraezor
To those of you who have downloaded and had some fun with this AddOn I say thank you! So many players take the really serious path. Heck we can have a bit of fun too in between our deadly serious raid progressions! PM me with ideas and improvements. Or post them here of course.
File: This Scampi Happening04-27-16
Posted By: Taraezor
Just filling out the range of tooltip types I check. I might have added a joke or two. The next update will include mainly more jokes. This AddOn I intend to keep fairly lean. I can't imagine how I would even bloat it out to have tons of bells and whistles. The keen ones will have noticed that I actually test quite a few Leg...
File: Tip04-27-16
Posted By: Taraezor
Added some new things not previously covered by Tip, such as various types of quest items and inbox/mail items. Note that I have not added quest SPELLS yet as I don't currently have a toon with a spell to be learnt while doing a quest or as a quest reward. I'm pretty sure I know how to code it but just can't be released into the w...
File: Blackned Spam04-19-16
Posted By: Taraezor
Hey, it works! First AddOn too so even better. Hopefully you'll keep at it!
File: Tip04-19-16
Posted By: Taraezor
Couple of label typos snuck through. Plus added support for the socketing of gems, both gems placed but not yet saved as well as already socketed / saved.
File: Ingredient04-16-16
Elapsed at line 91 error
Posted By: Taraezor
This might help: Replace: elapsed With: self,elapsed (lol, i had to fix this so I could say that my own Tooltip AddOn is compatible with this and others like it) Good to see you still active Barleduq. Always reliable bug reporting. Good work!
File: Best Quest Lore04-05-16
Posted By: Taraezor
A few typos fixed here and there plus some new content. BQL's in game NPC, Tarocalypse, has gone a bit feral. Or at least has had a brain explosion. He has taken it upon himself to explain all that stuff about alternate realities / universes, the Twisting Nether, planes of existence, time travel and all that other stuff we struggl...
File: We Don't Wipe - Elemental Shaman04-05-16
Not up t date
Posted By: Taraezor
There is a really good reason why it won't load. Quite some patches ago. Maybe halfway through Pandaria? I really don't recall, but I removed all links to this module from the We Don't Wipe page. September 2014 was the last up date iirc. The official game client has moved on long beyond that. My old account is no more. Wi...
File: Adorable Hatchling Nests04-01-16
Posted By: Taraezor
Apparently on 1st April the Hatchlings are a little more aggressive. They certainly sound it hehehe. Edit: No complaints (sigh) after the Apocalypse which was April 1st. You can be assured that the cute little Hatchlings have returned to their normal placid selves. Godzilla has returned to the sea.
File: Cool Aid02-28-16
v3.0 (Legion) - Total Rewrite
Posted By: Taraezor
v3.0 Cool Aid - Announced Features (so far): * Current WoW cool down "sweeps" confuse the GCD with the spell CD. Causes a "stuttering" of the sweep. Very noticeable the shorter the CD. Cool Aid has solved this problem * 5 groups of icons * 10 icons per group * Each group can be moved as a set * Icons within each group can be...
File: Cool Aid02-24-16
Cool Aid - Getting Prepared for Legion!
Posted By: Taraezor
Total rewrite for Legion. Lots of new features. For anyone who uses my WDW AddOn and has compared the code: Yes this AddOn is essentially a whole sub-system from within WDW, made into its own AddOn. As of Legion, WDW will NOT contain any of this code and players will be directed to this AddOn instead.
File: Best Quest Lore02-18-16
Lore n Stuff
Posted By: Taraezor
Just putting this out there. If anyone thinks the lore is wrong please post your concerns. If you are not sure where you stand then the cautious approach is okay too - PM me. The timeline was very very carefully researched by me and obviously I have tried to delve into lore that is mostly NOT IN THE GAME. There is no other t...
File: Best Quest Lore02-13-16
Re: Bug report
Posted By: Taraezor
I just got this error when I logged into a toon that I haven't taken anywhere in ages, it sits in Ironforge doing bank stuff. I don't recall the last panel that showed up, or when. I don't log into it often, maybe once a week or so. Many thanks for the report. Didn't see this until after I uploaded v3.08. You are using v3.06. Heck I...
File: Best Quest Lore01-12-16
Most Recent Changes
Posted By: Taraezor
Obviously some bug fixes and tweaks here and there. Looking at the next major update completing Northrend.
File: Adorable Hatchling Nests01-12-16
v2.00 / v2.01 / v2.02
Posted By: Taraezor
Mini Map support finally added. You may freely zoom and rotate the Minimap! (As an aside... my coding difficulty stemmed from Blizzard respecifying the standard geometry functions in the LUA language with non-standard input/output. It totally threw me. Once I resorted to using direct LUA math.cos etc my faith in my ability to do h...
File: Adorable Hatchling Nests01-06-16
Known Bug
Posted By: Taraezor
A minor bug but perhaps off-putting: In my travels recently, I think it was the Northern Barrens, I was in the Wailing Caverns. I entered by walking in and NOT be queuing via the dungeon/party finder. As you walk through from the entrance until the instance portal there is a kind of preliminary cavern to explore. It has its...
File: Best Quest Lore12-03-15
v3.00 is a Big One™
Posted By: Taraezor
Lots of changes to the timing of when frames pop up. Especially the timing of dungeon related frames whilst also in a BG/dungeon/raid/combat etc. Basically, won't happen or will happen on delay or has to happen as outlines the loot in the dungeon, for example. Also, the size of the graphics has markedly decreased as I am now able...
File: Best Quest12-02-15
Thank you...
Posted By: Taraezor
Thank you. The Lore module has an update in the works. Still testing. Copy of text I posted on the Lore comments page: Lots of changes to the timing of when frames pop up. Especially the timing of dungeon related frames whilst also in a BG/dungeon/raid/combat etc. Basically, won't happen or will happen on delay or has to happen...