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File: XPBarNone08-19-06
For some reason, I was getting a li...
Posted By: SmuvMoney
For some reason, I was getting a library error when running this with Fubar 2.0. As a result of the library, neither Fubar nor SPBarNone would load. Once I disabled XPBN, Fubar worked again.
File: Fence07-31-06
Re: Still working?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Originally posted by Snarfle Is this addon still working under 1.10? It still works for me in 1.10 and 1.11. I use it more for the duration than the prices, but both functions are nice.
File: Bongos207-20-06
/bong - so easy to remember :)
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I wanted to suggest "/bong", but it seems too obvious. :p It may upset some as well. I believe /bgn or /bng is taken by Bagnon and /bo could be misconstrued as an emote informing someone they have B.O. (body odor). Just go with /bong - you know you want to... :D
File: CTMod06-30-06
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Similar to the previous post, I was wondering if CT does support (or plans to support) profiles that can be loaded and saved for any if not all CT_ mods. If this already exists, please point me to it. If not, are there plans for it?
File: Bongos206-23-06
weirdness with bongos, action buttons, and macro tooltips
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I noticed that Bongos seems to do action button tooltips for macros differently than the default UI . Let's say I create the following macro called "FBolt": /script CastSpellByName("Frostbolt"); (The real macro is slightly more complex, but I'm at work - the same concept still applies to the shorter macro). I put the macro in...
File: OmniCC05-11-06
In the latest version, I noticed a...
Posted By: SmuvMoney
In the latest version, I noticed a weird anomaly on spells that counted down by hours or minutes. It was easy to reproduce. On my shaman, I had used my hearthstone. The cooldown time showed 60m, which is correct. However, a minute later, it had not dropped down to 59m. I tried this with Astral Recall (shaman hearth spell). It...
File: FuBar 3.6.504-29-06
I am also getting the tooltip/dropd...
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I am also getting the tooltip/dropdown issue that was mentioned a few posts down. I can not select whisper, inspect, or other selection from the target right-click dropdown. Other seemingly unrelated tooltips and dropdowns are hidden once I stop mousing over players or NPCs. If I turn off Fubar, I am able to get the dropdown to wo...
File: FuBar - HonorFu04-29-06
I could not get the PVP cooldown fe...
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I could not get the PVP cooldown feature to work correctly with HonorFu. It will correctly count down in the tooltip but not in the (Fu)bar itself. I'm not sure why this occurs. This was with using the latest Fubar and HonorFu.