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File: FuBar - GroupFu03-03-07
top 1,2,3 or so on
Posted By: Grilor
is there away to set it up to list more then just the top winner? so instead of just shoing the highest role say i need to show the top 3 roles and each of them get an item? if you can understand what i mean?
File: FuBar - MarkofHonorFu01-22-07
Marks of Thrallmar ??
Posted By: Grilor
Marks of Thrallmar is for horde Marks of Honor Hold in Alliance can you add the honor hold ones and maybe put a check mark in the menu to turn one or the other one or off depending on if your horde or alliance that your playing with please.. EDIT: I was Able to edit the code to add MoHH ( Mark of Honor Hold ) to the list...
File: FuBar - MarkofHonorFu01-20-07
bank/HH too?
Posted By: Grilor
yea the bank would be cool and how about adding the new Honor Hold mark to the list if its possable?
File: RS_ClassColors12-28-06
getting an error with 1.1
Posted By: Grilor
here is the error im getting: Error: Table index is nil File: Interface\AddOns\RS_ClassColors\Core.lua Line: 238 Count: 1 the colors work to some degree still even with the error but gets anoying LOL
File: FuBar - FactionsFu12-20-06
Posted By: Grilor
I installed the last version of FuBar - FactionsFU and now im getting an error. Error: attempt to index global 'L'(a nil value) AddOn: Fu-Bar_FactionsFU File: FuBar_FactionFu.lua Line: 166 Count: 1 Build version is rev 21550
File: FuBar - GuildFu12-11-06
rank color
Posted By: Grilor
Love this mod but like to ask for a small request.... can you add the guild rank colors to the rank tooltip like in titan guild? thanks
File: Cirk's Chatmanager07-20-06
Posted By: Grilor
were do you post bugs? i got one to due with channel colors. i set the color and the next tiem i log in the color is back to the color it was befor i changed it