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File: TinyTip08-17-09
Posted By: Grilor
can i assk 1 thing be added? to show tallents, thanks. Other then that i love this simple yet easy mod :)...
File: MoveAnything08-11-09
still kinda working
Posted By: Grilor
Wagthaa if there is any way you could do a 3.2 update to this it would be great. i seem to only have slight problems for now casue most of the stuff is moved from be for the patch but an update would be cool thanks and sorry if were bugin ya too much :)
File: FuBar - BattlegroundFu05-22-09
update plz
Posted By: Grilor
I would love for someone to take this over for us fuBar users and update it. I have no clue how or i would try.. thanks to who ever does it.
File: MoveAnything05-14-09
Posted By: Grilor
Wagthaa you said a while back you were going to try to get us an update. if there is any way we could get that it would be great. i know your busy and you stopped playing wow for a while there. but any thing would be cool thanks.
File: LinkWrangler04-15-09
Posted By: Grilor
still working in 3.1 for any one? i can only seem to open 2 like in the dafault Blizzard interface :(
File: UberQuest04-15-09
not here
Posted By: Grilor
I does not work for me. and i REALLY hate the default Qeust/objective tracker :( EDIT: I just deleted the UQ folder and the /WTF files and reinstalled it and all i get is the default Blizzard Quest Log and Tracker and it shows UQ loaded so. i hope someone can help us out and repair this mod please thanks :)
File: UberQuest04-14-09
patch and UD gone for now i guess
Posted By: Grilor
It's Patch day and no fix for UQ. any one know a goo stand in till someone is able to update this? i REALLY like this Quest Log better then any thing i could find. but maybe some one know of some thing close.
File: UberQuest04-11-09
pick it up??
Posted By: Grilor
I also hope that some one can pick this up. i have tried it on PTR and 3.1 and its broken and if someone does not pick up then i will be lost since there is not any other Quest Log like or as good as this one. So i do hope that someone can pick this one up as well.
File: FluidFrames04-11-09
when i enable FF in 3.1 it removes...
Posted By: Grilor
when i enable FF in 3.1 it removes some of my mini map icons like the calendar for no reason. any one having any simular errors?
File: cAspectOfTheViper03-23-09
Posted By: Grilor
Is there away to make the button that flash's in the screen when AoV or AoD pops up click able to switch. I am asking cause i have no clue if it can be easily or not at all. If it could be that would be cool
File: Cirk's Aspects03-19-09
BT4 no go :(
Posted By: Grilor
I use BT4 and when i turn it on this bar goes away. is there any idea how i can fix this?
File: AutoAspect02-25-09
Re: Re: like it but we have a problme
Posted By: Grilor
Originally posted by Gorebag I'm afraid I really have no idea on this one... Autoaspect doesn't use Ace or LibRock at all. yea not 100% sure but when i do turn your mod on it messes up Rock some thing bad. and i really was looking forward to use this. it was excatly what i was looking for :(
File: AutoAspect02-23-09
like it but we have a problme
Posted By: Grilor
when i install this addon i get an error when i try to open fubar meun. Error: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil) File: ...s\FuBar\libs\LibRockConfig-1.0\LibRockConfig-1.0.lua Line: 783 Count: 3 also i dont get the button in the center of the screen. as soon as i disable this addon all works fine again. a...
File: FluidFrames12-25-08
kiny ring and pet tab
Posted By: Grilor
FF currently will not let me move the keyring window. it tells me that it has no movable frame. also when you open the charter frame and go to the pet tab the fram is not dragable liek the rest of the charter frame window is.
File: Fishing Ace!11-12-08
auto lure still not working
Posted By: Grilor
auto lure don't work i cant get it to put on a lure.. i have np doing it my self just posting that there is a problem
File: cargBags11-10-08
veiw form any were?
Posted By: Grilor
does this add on have the ability to let me view my bank from any were in game? some times i am out and i need to see some thing in my bank when i am not near the bank.
File: ImprovedErrorFrame11-01-08
the rest eh..
Posted By: Grilor
out of all the bug report mods i like this one. i hope you keep up the great work.. there is nothing fancy and it don't need it really. good work :)
File: Chatter10-14-08
error on game load
Posted By: Grilor
I get an error on game load about set text color don't seem to effect the windows. and also the setting for player names color don't work either
File: ChatLink10-13-08
Posted By: Grilor
is there going to be an update for tuesday with 3.0.x goes live?
File: Cirk's Chatmanager10-13-08
can we get an update for this befor...
Posted By: Grilor
can we get an update for this befor tuesday it dont work on the 3.0.x patch on PRT and i love this mod thanks
File: PhanxChat10-13-08
updated one still errors
Posted By: Grilor
that's the one i have and i am still having the same error. ill try to reinstall it and see if it will work EDIT: i have delete all the saved files and the add on folder cleared the cache and i reinstalled the add on and i still get this error: Error: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'elapsedSec' (a nil value) File:...
File: PhanxChat10-12-08
scroling error
Posted By: Grilor
i get an error when u scroll to see some thing that as scrolled past and the error will stay there until i scroll back down to the bottom of the chat box again Error: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'elapsedSec' (a nil value) File: Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua Line: 2435 Count: Infinite and this only happends whe...
File: Cirk's Chatmanager09-11-08
chat links dont work
Posted By: Grilor
I love this mod but only the links that get displayed to me are if some one else is using this mod if some one else links an item in chat i just get junk on my screen. also if some one has ChatLink mod they can see my links but i cant see theres.
File: FuBar - MarkofHonorFu06-06-07
Posted By: Grilor
when enabled i get this error: Error: attempt to index locat 'current'(a nil value) File: AceAddon-2.0.lua Line: 729 Counr: 1 This only happens when Fubar - MarkofHonorFu is enabled EDIT: just checking in to see if any one has any info on this problem
File: Sorren's Timers06-03-07
is there away you can disabel the B...
Posted By: Grilor
is there away you can disabel the Blizz FD bar when you have the FD timer set up? i have your timers set to show the FD timer on my hunter but the Blizz bar also shows up and i cant move it or hide it.. is there away thay you can have it so that if that bar is enabled it will disable the Blizz one? EDIT: Move anything has a way...