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File: InFlight01-19-20
Feature request
Posted By: Barleduq
So ever since I found some flight addons, I've used this for the icons on the map, and the flight timer display, and Flight Map Enhanced & Times for the added-on display on the right side, with a text list (sorted by visible zone) of flight points. Which is a GREAT help when I'm not yet familiar with the visual map, to find a flight...
File: BtWQuests: Classic (Deprecated)10-20-19
Hi there!
Posted By: Barleduq
Is this standalone for classic, or do I need BTWQuests for it to run? I was getting errors from BTWquests yesterday when I logged in to classic, but when I clicked it off in the addons pane, it said 'dependency missing'. (No, i haven't applied the updates from the 19th of October yet, but I don't know if I'm going to have time to ge...
File: ClassicUI10-12-19
That feature is what made me choose...
Posted By: Barleduq
That feature is what made me choose this over another 'restore the griffin bar' addon. Thank yoU! -Barleduq Because some of you consider the extra GreyOnCooldown functionality important, I have decided to launch it as an independent addon (for both versions retail and classic). This functionality is still integrated in ClassicU...
File: ScrapBook (Retail)10-02-19
Re: Re: Any plans for classic?
Posted By: Barleduq
Wondering if this is compatible wtih classic as/is, or if it needs some tweaking? Love it, tho it takes the weirdest shots :D -Barleduq It is compatible. Until I get a separate download page setup on WoWInterface you can find the classic download page here: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/scrapbook Thank you! Looking...
File: Grail09-30-19
I've got enogh addons that my loadi...
Posted By: Barleduq
I've got enogh addons that my loading screens take a while. I admit I don't know much about how addons load, but removing the extraneous stuff is easy enough for me, and can only help. BFA doubled my cpu usage when running WoW, and upped my memory usage by about half again, and that was before I added any BFA specific addons. Anyth...
File: NameplateColors09-30-19
Posted By: Barleduq
I saw in the changelog that it's marked as 'update for classic' - I'm guessing I just drop this into the Classic AddOns folder also? -Barleduq
File: Grail09-29-19
Just download the latest Wholly (07...
Posted By: Barleduq
Just download the latest Wholly (072) and Grail (101) and it works in both Classic and Retail. However, the Classic version does not have all the quest information present yet. Submissions from your play in Classic would be appreciated. You can also get the very latest versions from GitHub. Ok, I noticed that Grail had folders...
File: Grail09-28-19
... Grail classic?
Posted By: Barleduq
Where is it? Putting grail classic into search here doesn't find anything. :( -Barleduq
File: ArcHUD3 Classic09-22-19
I just found this addon...
Posted By: Barleduq
... and I'm having trouble figuring out which arc represents what. Is there a guide somewhere, or a graphic with each arc labeled? Thanks -Barleduq
File: ItemType (Retail)09-19-19
Retail / Classic?
Posted By: Barleduq
The change log says that this latest update is compatible with Classic. And yet the filename has Retail in it. I didn't see anything that looked like it was for classic in the Other Files tab. confused -Barleduq
File: ScrapBook (Retail)09-18-19
Any plans for classic?
Posted By: Barleduq
Wondering if this is compatible wtih classic as/is, or if it needs some tweaking? Love it, tho it takes the weirdest shots :D -Barleduq
File: SpeedyGonzales09-17-19
Posted By: Barleduq
I don't suppose Blizz has pitch still available in classic? -Barleduq
File: Hear Kitty09-17-19
Re: Re: re classic
Posted By: Barleduq
Yep, the same version works on both. Thank you! I've got a mage that's gonna need it. :O -Barleduq
File: Hear Kitty09-15-19
re classic
Posted By: Barleduq
So I should just drop the same file in the AddOns directory for both retail and classic? Making sure I know how to use it. -Barleduq
File: Fleecing Tip (Classic)09-15-19
Thank you!
Posted By: Barleduq
So happy to see this is gearing up in classic! I've been using Swindler Preventer since I first found it (can't recall what xpac) and I was working my memory hard to make sure I didn't get screwed up in classic! -Barleduq :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:
File: DejaCharacterStats09-15-19
Posted By: Barleduq
I saw in the changelog that you made a change referencing Classic. Does this work in classic, as is? -Barleduq
File: Grail07-17-19
Once more, into the chat errors!
Posted By: Barleduq
"Grail problem because completing quest which seems not to exist 56139" https://www.wowhead.com/quest=56139/junkyard-treasures World Quest to open 6 mechanized treasure chests. -Barleduq
File: Grail07-15-19
More quests Grail doesn't know about.
Posted By: Barleduq
I'm getting more chat errors from Grail. These are from today: Grail: QuestId mismatch 51022 accepted but log has 0 came up in the scroll that occurs when you login. Looking on wowhead, that quest id is for the world quest Supplies Needed: Riverbud which is, indeed, a wq that is in Boralus, where I was on login. 6 seconds...
File: Wholly07-15-19
Error in patch 8.2
Posted By: Barleduq
I've been getting various errors in 8.2, mostly for grail, and I've not been sure what's setting them off so I haven't reported them - I'm frequently in the middle of combat and just click 'off' for the report. (Yes, I know this is Wholly.) That said, I was in Boralus, standing next to the scrapper. I opened my map, and IMMEDIATE...
File: Darkmoon Professional07-10-19
Posted By: Barleduq
Thank you for updating! I never found anyone else to pick it up. :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: -Barleduq
File: Battle Pet Tabs07-09-19
Battle Pet Tabs affected by SetPoint error
Posted By: Barleduq
Please to fix/update? Here, also. Date: 2019-07-09 23:02:40 ID: 2 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\BattlePetTabs\core.lua line 162: Action failed because: attempted from: BattlePetTabsTeam0:SetPoint. Debug: : ? : SetPoint() BattlePetTabs\core.lua:162: CreateUI() BattlePetTabs\core.lua:...
File: WardrobeSort07-05-19
Could you please resume updating here?
Posted By: Barleduq
This site has always worked so much better for me (and others!) and, especially after these last changes with curse/twitch, my system really doesn't like that site. I noticed that there's been (at least one?) an update there more recently. Could you include here, also? If it helps, I can point you to various ways to automate i...
File: MountSpy07-05-19
Please update here?
Posted By: Barleduq
I love this addon, and I really don't get along well with curse, especially after these latest changes. Could you please keep updating here? There are ways to automate it, that I can point you to if you'd like. Thank yoU! :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: -Barleduq
File: Overachiever06-26-19
Just after patch, error on acquiring Three Sheets to teh Wind items from mailbox
Posted By: Barleduq
After logging in a few times (trying to clear errors and such) after patch 8.2, I happened to take some items for the THree Sheets to the Wind achievement from my mailbox - I've been buying them on my max alt, and sending them to the other BfA level alts just to pass around the achievement criteria. Now, Overachiever had made noise...
File: Flight Map Enhanced & Times06-26-19
Unfortunately, I run Linux and that...
Posted By: Barleduq
Unfortunately, I run Linux and that client doesn't work for me. I DL and install everything by hand. (oh woe is me. sorta. *shrug*) As of my looking around today, all of his addons that I use - wow token watch, explorer's coords, and flight master enhanced - are gone, and the name Dorwido, Wido, Wido's, all come up blank in a sea...