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File: Fishing Buddy03-07-12
Re: Re: Removing panel folders?
Posted By: Barleduq
I'm not using any 'panels' like titan or fubar or anything. Will anything break if I remove the FB_Titan and FuBar_FishingBuddyFu folders? Nope. At most, it will not start. But, rather than removing, and remembering to remove it in future, just disable unnecessary plugins. Yes, i do that. But I'm also using a laptop that is share...
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant03-07-12
Undocked survey button unmoveable?
Posted By: Barleduq
I just tried to play around with undocking the survey button. It placed itself in the middle of my screen, and all my attempts to move it (including keychording both right and left mouse buttons with alt, shift, and control) failed to move it. What am I doing wrong? (I don't have a middle mouse button on any of my mice; using a l...
File: Track-O-Matic03-06-12
Want to love this...
Posted By: Barleduq
ETA: apparently it does work, despite spewing errors when the Interface/AddOns config panel is touched. I can config it through the name-line config options without getting errors. But if my mouse touches anything of the checkboxes or sliders I get the errors I reported below, apparently one for each time the mouse pointer touches th...
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant03-06-12
Re: v1.8.16
Posted By: Barleduq
Version 1.8.16 now available on wowinterface as well ;) Changes from 1.8.10 (previous version hosted on wowinterface) at the Changelog. __ Thank you for pushing it here, also! :banana:
File: PredatorArchy03-06-12
I Hope this is the right place to report bugs
Posted By: Barleduq
I downloaded this last night while WoW was having it's maintenance, and made sure it was enabled when I launched again. First thing I did was go into the interface to configure it. Unfortunately, clicking the 'show minimap button' produced errors (I've removed the duplicate lists of my addons): Date: 2012-03-06 18:36:30 ID: 1 E...
File: Fishing Buddy03-06-12
Removing panel folders?
Posted By: Barleduq
I'm not using any 'panels' like titan or fubar or anything. Will anything break if I remove the FB_Titan and FuBar_FishingBuddyFu folders?
File: FlightMap03-06-12
Thank you!
Posted By: Barleduq
Lovely addon, and thanks for the pointer to the latest version. I just wish you kept updates current here also, I prefer this site to Curse.
File: SexyReputation continued03-06-12
Please tell what it does
Posted By: Barleduq
I cannot find Sexy Reputation in search -- all that comes up is this. I have no clue what this does, so I don't know if I want it. More information, please.
File: CallMePet03-06-12
AddOn Loader link broken
Posted By: Barleduq
Nothing at all to do with the addon you wrote, but your link to wowwiki gives me the search page saying nothing was found. Would it be possible for you to put more info in the info page? Are these hunter pets, non-combat pets? What situations? I can't tell if I want this or not. Thanks!
File: WoW Launcher PLUS03-06-12
Linux compatible?
Posted By: Barleduq
I run linux, and unfortunately the default launcher wedges badly and never does launch WoW - which means I launch it by right-clicking wow.exe in the graphical directory browser window and choosing 'run with wine' - it works fine. I'm interested in the various things the launcher lets one do, so I'm wondering if you can tell me i...
File: Elephant03-06-12
More recent on (that other addon site)
Posted By: Barleduq
I don't know the policy (if there is one) on mentioning other addon sites. It looks like there's a more recent version of this on Curse.com - says it was updated Feb 4 2012. could it be added here please? (curse doesn't support linux for it's client, so I left them and came here.)
File: Altoholic02-20-12
Lost alt?
Posted By: Barleduq
(Note: if this isn't the place for a bug report, please poke me in the right direction? I thought it would be, but I don't see any others...) In an attempt to fix something else, I turned off all my addons on one of my alts. Having turned them all back on, Altoholic isn't working for it - i don't see items in other's bags, I'm not...
File: FastQuest Classic02-14-12
No comments in over a year...still awake?
Posted By: Barleduq
I *really* liked this addon, because it (combined with a macro) let me complete Lunar Elders in one click, making it easier to do in places of high threat (L19 Blood Elf Rogue in Ironforge, for example). However, it seems to act up in various ways. Things I don't like: Even when set to NoDrag, the blizz quest thingie on screen...
File: Gossipmonger02-14-12
I really like this, but it does not play well with others...
Posted By: Barleduq
I keep getting an error about it trying to reference something that doesn't exist. Is the author around? I don't know if it's worth posting the error message.
File: Altoholic02-13-12
I expect I'm not looking properly...
Posted By: Barleduq
But I've not found an answer. I found the button to make it so that when I hover over an item, I only see the counts for the alts on the same faction. Unfortunately, I can't find anything that will only look in *guild banks* on the same faction. In other words, on Character Septo, a Goblin, I hover over the earthroot in my bag...
File: DragEmAll02-13-12
How to make it not drag things?
Posted By: Barleduq
bad subject line, sorry. Would it be possible to have a way to configure which panes to drag and which not? I'm having problems with the quest objective thingie on the screen - If my mouse is within a certain range of it when I, for instance, try to turn my camera view or my actual aiming position, the quest-thingie gets dragged a...
File: Ancillary02-09-12
Error found...
Posted By: Barleduq
This may be the second character that I logged in to after installing the Ancillary addon. I saw no problems with it before, but upon login I got the error I've included. The addon didn't actually load. Reloading the UI made it show up. Date: 2012-02-09 22:52:46 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Ancill...
File: Focus Range02-09-12
Bug Report - hope this is a good place?
Posted By: Barleduq
I just installed FocusRange, and on my first launch, I received a bug message. I hope this is the correct way to report this, and my apologies if it is not. (And yes, I have a bunch of addons...) Date: 2012-02-09 10:47:22 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\FocusRange\FocusRange.lua line 5: Cannot f...
File: Critter Emote Fanupdate02-04-12
Hopefully this will be answered?
Posted By: Barleduq
I downloaded and installed both Critter Emote and this fan update. Did I need to do both, or just the update? I'm not sure I'm seeing the correct things. (and yes, I see that the guide was not updated.) Thank you for your work!
File: Addon Control Panel02-02-12
Font colors? and ?compatibility?
Posted By: Barleduq
I used this addon when I was working on Windows, and thought it was excellent. I'm now on Linux, and happy to find it again! I have two questions: Why are some of the addons' names in white, rather than the yellow/gold that everything else is? In particular: Auctioneer (tho the items under it are yellow) FB (I don't kn...