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File: DyaUI08-01-10
Awww. Thats a shame. Always enjoyed...
Posted By: Laucian
Awww. Thats a shame. Always enjoyed the looks of your UI. Yeah. That window comes back when I enter combat. The error seems to crash my WoW a few times before it becomes stable enough to play. Originally posted by Dyanèra Hey Laucian, As i have quitted wow for some time i cannot check out those errors ingame.. so all i can su...
File: DyaUI07-30-10
Message: ...terface\AddOns\DockingS...
Posted By: Laucian
Message: ...terface\AddOns\DockingStation\Libs\LibJostle-3.0.lua:90: hooksecurefunc(): FCF_UpdateCombatLogPosition is not a function Time: 07/30/10 06:23:35 Count: 1 Stack: : in function `hooksecurefunc' ...terface\AddOns\DockingStation\Libs\LibJostle-3.0.lua:90: in main chunk Locals: Thats a an error I got when I set it u...
File: GatorsUI HD WideScreen07-30-10
Any update on the 1920x1080 release...
Posted By: Laucian
Any update on the 1920x1080 release? :)
File: GatorsUI HD WideScreen07-24-10
Posted By: Laucian
Any ETA on 1920x1080 resolution? :)
File: nUI10-26-08
How well does this do on memory usa...
Posted By: Laucian
How well does this do on memory usage exactly? My computers not the best but without any mods I can run WoW at around 30 FPS. How badly will this nerf that? xD I expect it to some of course.