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File: NugComboBar08-30-12
Do you plan to reintroduce a in/out...
Posted By: mindwarp
Do you plan to reintroduce a in/out of combat visibility to the addon? Because the current behaviour is not that great i mean the option to make the addon invisible is not that great. As a rogue i like to have the bar up when i'm in combat and turn invisible after a while when i'm out of combat. With the current option to hide if y...
File: nMainbar12-28-11
picomenu and pick lock
Posted By: mindwarp
Hi, first thx for this addon simple and efficient :) i'm having a little problem with the rogue lock pick skill witch is giving an error like "the addon picomenu is trying to access a function that is only available to the blizzard interface" ignoring lets you use the skill but it will error again the next logon, could you check thi...