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File: rActionBar11-28-16
I just found a new bug. If you h...
Posted By: siweia
I just found a new bug. If you hide the Right Bar and Right Bar 2 in the InterfaceOptionPanel, those bars would appear again once you exit from a vehicle UI. I made a quick fix atm. local event = CreateFrame("Frame") event:RegisterEvent("UNIT_EXITING_VEHICLE") event:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self) if not self.fixed the...
File: Stagger11-02-16
Re: Frame
Posted By: siweia
Hi, first of all ty for making this addon so great. But im having problem: When i try to move the frame with "/stg" it doesnt do anything, can you help me? I just fixed. I made a mistake in the previous version.
File: Cloudy Unit Info11-02-16
The new ilvl api "GetDetailedItemLe...
Posted By: siweia
The new ilvl api "GetDetailedItemLevelInfo(link)" would mostly replace the scantip system I presume.
File: Stagger10-19-16
Re: Love Your Addon,
Posted By: siweia
Love your addon, It would be helpful if I could change the bar width, its just too thin for me. If you could point me to the line number and which parameters to change. TIA core.lua, @line121, you can change the "5" into whatever size you like. f.Bar:SetSize(cfg.IconSize*4 + 12, 5)
File: ls: UI10-11-16
For warrior, mage and deathknight,...
Posted By: siweia
For warrior, mage and deathknight, there is a spell button for worldquests on the world map which given by the orderhall. It seems like the "blizzard/worldmap.lua" do break the function.
File: FixTradeSkillSearch08-01-16
If I shift+click on the header of e...
Posted By: siweia
If I shift+click on the header of each section, it would show an error. :2: Usage: GetRecipeLink(recipeID) Count: 1 Call Stack: : ? : in function `GetRecipeLink' :2: in function <:1>
File: Class Colors07-24-16
Posted By: siweia
Interface\AddOns\!ClassColors\ClassColorsBlizz.lua:516: Usage: GetClassInfo(ID) Count: 1 Call Stack: : ? : in function `GetClassInfoByID' Interface\AddOns\!ClassColors\ClassColorsBlizz.lua:516: in function `UpdateClassFilterDropDownText' ...Blizzard_Collections\Blizzard_HeirloomCollection.lua:43: in function <...Blizzard_Coll...
File: Stagger07-23-16
Hey, Been using this awesome ad...
Posted By: siweia
Hey, Been using this awesome addon for a while now and it has helped so much in WoD. Was excited to see it was updated for Legion but after installing, it for some reason the stagger meter does not work. Both "eye of the tiger" and "ironskin" work but the stagger bar remains empty and both numbers stay at 0 0 regardless of the...
File: Aurora06-21-16
Hi Haleth, will you update to the n...
Posted By: siweia
Hi Haleth, will you update to the new patch in Legion?
File: Stagger08-11-15
Hey, I love this addon on my Mon...
Posted By: siweia
Hey, I love this addon on my Monk, its so useful. Do you think you can make same one for combat rogue, I figure its same principal, just change spells;p Or Suggest addon that does similar thing for Combat rogue, thanks. You may need to do it yourself, I do have a impulsion to make this addon for all the characters th...
File: Stagger07-28-15
Re: Errors
Posted By: siweia
... Unfortunately, this error is due to the taint of the statue icon. Blizzard won't allow addon to destroy totem in combat. If you block the error report, it won't affect for any the activities though. You can just ignore it. And if you want to know the remain duration of icons, you can download the previous version of this a...
File: Aurora07-05-15
The GarrisonFollowerAlertFrame need...
Posted By: siweia
The GarrisonFollowerAlertFrame need to be reskined. Same as GarrisonShipFollowerAlertFrame.
File: rActionBar06-14-15
It won't switch to possessbar or ve...
Posted By: siweia
It won't switch to possessbar or vehicle bar at the Pillars of Fate, Shadowmoon Valley. http://pic3.178.com/847/8472011/month_1506/74232241a3ae9cc5f1acc71fd5732187.jpg http://pic3.178.com/847/8472011/month_1506/7e06b243418fc651bed01afe8ffd4310.jpg This is what it should be after disable the ractionbar. http://pic3.178.com/847...
File: Stagger03-20-15
Re: New user + new bug
Posted By: siweia
Hi, i just got your addon this morning, and got following bug right away: 5x Stagger\Core.lua:102: Usage: GameTooltip:SetUnitAura("unit", or ) : in function `SetUnitAura' Stagger\Core.lua:102: in function Locals: self = { 0 = Shadow = { } CD = { } HL...
File: rActionBar03-16-15
Posted By: siweia
You are on the right track, but did it wrong. The vehicle-leaving thing is not just the button you mentioned, there is another one named something like "OverrideActionBarXXXXX".
File: rVignette03-05-15
You may need to change "RaidWarning...
Posted By: siweia
You may need to change "RaidWarning.wav" into "RaidWarning.ogg", which is a "gift" from blizz in the new patch.
File: rActionBar03-01-15
And I meant that aswell. I know tha...
Posted By: siweia
And I meant that aswell. I know that it will be true for flying by yourself but there is no NPC-only flying macro condition. Alright then, thanks.
File: rActionBar02-27-15
@zork The flight I meant is prov...
Posted By: siweia
@zork The flight I meant is provided by NPC, not for mounted player. It's a new function in patch 6.1, for someone who select a wrong flight path, and wanna get off before next landing. The leave vehicle button would be visible then.
File: rActionBar02-26-15
It supposts to have a leave vehicle...
Posted By: siweia
It supposts to have a leave vehicle button when you on the flight, which is added in patch 6.1. You can dismiss and get off the flight at next landing place.
File: Stagger12-20-14
Re: Ox Statue Icon
Posted By: siweia
Why is the Ox Statue icon, and only that icon, showing up for MW spec? Fixed.
File: Aurora12-13-14
Posted By: siweia
http://pic3.178.com/847/8472011/month_1412/d32834ca1f7d37ec9f495b3588b42644.jpg The scroll frame hasn't been reskined yet, once the guild info text goes too long.
File: rVignette12-08-14
The vignette-id is more unique than...
Posted By: siweia
The vignette-id is more unique than you think. Thanks for your reply. I'm a big fan of yours, I would have a go then.
File: rVignette12-06-14
The idea is fabulous, but for those...
Posted By: siweia
The idea is fabulous, but for those rare at Pandaria, especially the Zandaras with mounts, I think it's necessary to inform us for more than once. The codes you wrote seems to alert at the first time, and one id one time. If I found a second rare with same I'd, it won't let you know.
File: rActionBar11-30-14
I think it's better to show petbar...
Posted By: siweia
I think it's better to show petbar when you mounted, especially when you choose the mount skill in Nagrand.
File: Aurora11-28-14
Thanks for your update. Floating...
Posted By: siweia
Thanks for your update. FloatingGarrisonMissionTooltip.CloseButton When you post a mission to the chatframe, it has a closebutton named this. And this button is on the mission complete frame. GarrisonMissionFrame.MissionComplete.NextMissionButton I'm currently using another tooltip addon for viewing itemlevel and else (mos...