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File: DailyChecklist04-16-13
I love this addon, but for some rea...
Posted By: astoll
I love this addon, but for some reason my weekly and daily tasks are never unchecked. I have been using the addon for multiple weeks. Is there something I can do to manual run the check process to try and see if it is a conflict with another addon? Should be fixed now.
File: DailyChecklist02-05-13
I'm so excited about this update, I...
Posted By: astoll
I'm so excited about this update, I can't wait to try it out when I get home. Keep up the great work! Is there a way to set it to not clear the checked off items for a certain list? For example, I want to create a shopping list but it sometimes takes me a couple days to complete it. As of right now, the addon resets when it detect...
File: DailyChecklist02-05-13
Re: Slight oopsies
Posted By: astoll
When you unzip the folder if opens all the subfolders. Perhaps you make a Main folder first ;) Just uploaded a fix. Thanks for the heads up.
File: DailyChecklist01-19-13
Re: Suggestion for a great addon
Posted By: astoll
No problem, I'll get that in the next release. Thanks for the suggestion. A couple friends, guildies and I are really enjoying your addon. :banana: If we may request one feature, it would be the ability to toggle the checklist on/off; a slash command, minimap button option, whichever is simplest. Thanks for your consideration...
File: MineSweeper10-20-12
Hello, This looks great; finally...
Posted By: astoll
Hello, This looks great; finally have something to play again during flights! How do I hide the minimap button? /MineSweeper hide icon That command will hide the minimap icon, but it requires a ui restart so you can do /reload ui for the ui restart.
File: MineSweeper10-07-12
Middle Click to reveal surrounding...
Posted By: astoll
Middle Click to reveal surrounding squares instead of "left and right click at the same time", which doesn't seem to actually work (and I never liked it in Windows Minesweeper either). Also, I'd like to see an option for scaling up the window. It's pretty small at high resolutions, and my eyes are defective in the first place. :(...
File: MineSweeper04-24-11
Originally posted by Psychoholic...
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Originally posted by Psychoholic Alright, I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for the quick response. I was wondering if you could elaborate on your issues. I am having trouble duplicating numbers 1 and 2.
File: MineSweeper04-17-11
Thanks for the input, I'll try to g...
Posted By: astoll
Thanks for the input, I'll try to get those bugs fixed for the next release which will probably coincide with 4.1. The first bug I know I can definitely fix, the second one I'll try to duplicate, but the third is kind of an implementation decision, but I'll see what I can do.