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File: SmartAuraWatch11-06-14
Button spacing will be added in the...
Posted By: Aeldra
Button spacing will be added in the next release :)
File: SmartAuraWatch10-21-14
@Horotu Masque is not yet support...
Posted By: Aeldra
@Horotu Masque is not yet support by SAW...till next update :)
File: SmartBuff06-04-13
Please enter in the chat following...
Posted By: Aeldra
Please enter in the chat following command: /sbuff rafp This should reset the position
File: SmartBuff05-23-13
Update and fixes in progress, stay...
Posted By: Aeldra
Update and fixes in progress, stay tuned... :)
File: SmartBuff12-18-12
@Nüb put it on the list for the ne...
Posted By: Aeldra
@Nüb put it on the list for the next version :) @Wenjii For InCombat buffs it makes more sense to use this addon: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info19414-SmartAuraWatch.html @Jonadium Conjured Refreshment is in progress ;)
File: SmartBuff12-05-12
@Angrysteel Thanks a lot, fixed in...
Posted By: Aeldra
@Angrysteel Thanks a lot, fixed in next version...soon :)
File: SmartBuff12-01-12
@Angrysteel What was you doing in...
Posted By: Aeldra
@Angrysteel What was you doing in wow to get this error? @chwolfgang I will check this :)
File: SmartBuff10-12-12
I have to blame wowhead :) http://...
Posted By: Aeldra
I have to blame wowhead :) http://www.wowhead.com/item=75525 Wrong description of the buff, which I used for the check. Fixed in next version.
File: SmartDebuff09-11-12
@Stavmar Due to the "spell" upgrad...
Posted By: Aeldra
@Stavmar Due to the "spell" upgrade, some classes need to reset the list in SmartDebuff. Open the options frame and press the little "K" button, the spell setup will open on the right. Press in the lower left corner the "Reset" button. SmartDebuff will rebind your available debuff spells. Then it should work again :)
File: SmartBuff08-31-12
Added a workaround in version 5.0c,...
Posted By: Aeldra
Added a workaround in version 5.0c, hopefully this will fix the taint issue...
File: SmartSell (Tooltip Info)08-31-12
Re: Thank-you
Posted By: Aeldra
Added in version 5.0c, have fun :)
File: SmartDebuff08-27-12
Re: Beta support
Posted By: Aeldra
In progress, stay tuned :)
File: SmartAuraWatch11-30-11
@Willowy Thanks :) To 1: I will...
Posted By: Aeldra
@Willowy Thanks :) To 1: I will check that for a future release To2: This feature is available in the latest version 4.3a. Enter the aura name, set the filter to "Cooldown" and it tracks the cooldown of the spell. You can also play around with "Not active" option.
File: SmartBuff11-30-11
/done including "Celebration Pac...
Posted By: Aeldra
/done including "Celebration Package" :)
File: SmartBuff11-30-11
@all Update in progress, please wa...
Posted By: Aeldra
@all Update in progress, please wait... ;)
File: SmartBuff06-06-11
@Zidomo Please check the new versi...
Posted By: Aeldra
@Zidomo Please check the new version 4.1b. I hope this will fix your issues, because the whole buff detection is updated and redesigned.
File: SmartBuff05-25-11
@Zidomo The alert of overlapping b...
Posted By: Aeldra
@Zidomo The alert of overlapping buffs is only displayed, if you have unselected the options 'Grp Link' / 'Self Link'. Please activate this options and check it, if it behaves like you assume.
File: SmartAuraWatch05-05-11
@Zidomo I assume this is the coold...
Posted By: Aeldra
@Zidomo I assume this is the cooldown font of OmniCC, SAW does not display a number for spell cooldowns.
File: SmartAuraWatch05-04-11
@Woxx1, Zidomo, edarotag Does it o...
Posted By: Aeldra
@Woxx1, Zidomo, edarotag Does it only occur during setup and how often? Does it work later on or ist it completly broken then?
File: SmartAddonBlocker03-25-11
Yes, it seems blizzard will fix the...
Posted By: Aeldra
Yes, it seems blizzard will fix the major addon spam. We will see if SAB is still needed or what new features will come ^^
File: SmartAuraWatch03-18-11
@edarotag Arena1-5 support will be...
Posted By: Aeldra
@edarotag Arena1-5 support will be added to the target unit list in the next version :) @essorblood Bar support (vertical & horizontal) will be added as orientation option in the next version :banana:
File: SmartAuraWatch03-04-11
@AndersonnKen Play alert sounds ev...
Posted By: Aeldra
@AndersonnKen Play alert sounds even if the game sound is off will be added/fixed in the next version :)
File: SmartAuraWatch02-27-11
@Desmodis Pet support will be adde...
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@Desmodis Pet support will be added in the nex version :) @jalanmo I will check it and adding an option for it in one of the next versions.
File: SmartAuraWatch02-25-11
@jalanmo Thanks :) Currently this...
Posted By: Aeldra
@jalanmo Thanks :) Currently this is not possible. I played already with red colored numbers, if the time left is < 5sec, but on the most icons it is harder to read instead of fully bright white numbers.
File: SmartAuraWatch02-22-11
Thanks :) You can send me the li...
Posted By: Aeldra
Thanks :) You can send me the list per pm or post it here, lua or text doesn't matter, thanks in advance.