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File: The Alternative02-11-13
The new version works on both facti...
Posted By: viera808
The new version works on both factions as far as I have tested it :) Finally I can see my JP and valor without having log to all my alts everyday <3 Ty for the fast update!
File: The Alternative02-07-13
Message: TheAlternative\Currencies....
Posted By: viera808
Message: TheAlternative\Currencies.lua:470: attempt to index local "hordeDB" (a nil value) Time: 02/08/13 07:01:41 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\TheAlternative\Currencies.lua:668: in function `RedrawCurrencyFrame' Interface\AddOns\TheAlternative\ChillEffectAlts.lua:131: in function
File: WoW Launcher PLUS08-03-12
Ty for this launcher, makes my life...
Posted By: viera808
Ty for this launcher, makes my life easier when I don't have to remember to delete the creature cache files or login to see if realms are up or not. I do have one request; could you add on option delete the entire cache folder? Those files can cause issues with addons etc so I usually delete them manually everytime I play so it would...