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File: MikScrollingBattleText11-13-07
Posted By: blankStare
thanks to someone on the ACE forums BanzaiAlert actually has an option to link with MSBT and all I had to do was set it and it works fine. (however, this is patch day :) )
File: MikScrollingBattleText11-11-07
combat text not making it to other addons
Posted By: blankStare
I use BanzaiAlert which I guess grabs the combat text to give an audio alert when you get aggro. When I installed MSBT BanzaiAlert no longer functions. Is there something I can configure to pass the messages thru, if that's what the problem is.
File: Fizzwidget ReagentCost06-09-07
fix for ench
Posted By: blankStare
in the file ReagentCost.lua: before the line: table.insert(FRC_KnownRecipes, enchantLink); insert: if (enchantLink == nul) then local _, _, itemID = string.find(itemLink, "item:(%d+)"); enchantLink = itemID; end
File: ShardAce05-25-07
tooltip for buttons
Posted By: blankStare
Thought I posted this, but. Is there anyway to get a tooltip for the buttons to show up? Some of the icons I can't easily tell what they are.
File: SilverDragon04-29-07
update on wowace?
Posted By: blankStare
The link on wowace goes nowhere for the download. What happened to the beta version?
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window02-04-07
hi, nice addon. I have reagentcost...
Posted By: blankStare
hi, nice addon. I have reagentcost and it's not showing up anywhere. Did they update reagentcost and now there is an incompatibility? scratch that. Maybe it took a trip to a vendor or something. It would be nice to make the auction window maybe detachable or move it to the right
File: WoW UI Designer07-23-06
rate this utility
Posted By: blankStare
I was looking to rate this utility, as per your request. I can't find any way to rate on http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info4222-WoW_UI_Designer.html. Thanks for the hard work on this.