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File: Armory11-21-08
professions and ATSW
Posted By: blankStare
turning on debug just gave me "3.0.3 UPDATE Inscription" I clicked on a few and it looked alright but then down the list I got: : Error: Original call failed while running hooks: GameTooltip.SetTradeSkillItem: 1 : Invalid trade skill item in SetTradeSkillItem(index )(tail call): ?: : ? : in function `SetT...
File: Armory11-20-08
problem w/ at least inscription professions
Posted By: blankStare
as I've said before, Armory is an excellent addon. There is a problem with the latest release as Armory has an interaction with ATSW addon, but if I disable armory or uncheck professions in the config panel, inscriptions will work as expected again. I looks like the indexes of the skills doesn't match the highlighted item. For e...
File: Armory11-18-08
spit coke out my nose that's a tal...
Posted By: blankStare
spit coke out my nose that's a talent. the threat was to not use his addon, which is fine, but why post? I didn't see the word "until" in there.... So why am i bothering to post this? Don't know. :banana:
File: Armory11-18-08
if push come to shove i will have t...
Posted By: blankStare
if push come to shove i will have to shut down this mod you know what, stop threating the author of free software that works on this thru the kindness of his heart. I'm sure this will be worked out.
File: ControlFreak11-05-08
new version not working
Posted By: blankStare
I really like this addon. I haven't sheeped with my mage for awhile but when I tried with the new version, it doesn't work. I can right click and get options and left click and get the ready but when it's in range and I click, nothing. unless they changed the script code again :( edit: lol. it's Polymorph(Pig) now. w...
File: LinksList + All Plugins10-31-08
Posted By: blankStare
are you at least thinking about updating?
File: Titan - Itemized Deductions 210-25-08
fix(?) for TP 4
Posted By: blankStare
there is a workaround posted on wowui.worldofwar.net/?p=mod&m=3586. Someone said it wasn't right. It was working for me until yesterday. Now when I shift click, the item doesn't get deleted. edit: ok, the .xml was wrong. It works now.
File: DemonDaemon10-24-08
Posted By: blankStare
how do you get at the options?
File: Titan Panel10-16-08
plug-in compatibility w/ new titan
Posted By: blankStare
i remember several times when titan panel was updated, the plug-ins needed to be "fitted" so it would work with the new version. Can someone point me in the right direction on what to look for to mod the plug-in to make it work with the new TP version.
File: Titan - Itemized Deductions 210-15-08
yes, help
Posted By: blankStare
i second the message below, it doesn't show in the TP list. This is a very useful addon.
File: ItemRack07-19-08
riding trinket delay
Posted By: blankStare
first, I just got into queues. Wow, nice feature. Since the last patch did something to equipment switching, if I'm on my mount, i have a riding crop and want to mine a node, when I right click the node I start to mine but when the trinket gets switched out, I get interrupted. I have a different addon doing the switching. Is th...
File: ItemRack06-27-08
dagger script event
Posted By: blankStare
edit: seems this is a work in progress lol. check back here often :) rogue dagger switch: event= UNIT_AURA if arg1=="target" then local i local db for i=1,16 do db=UnitDebuff("target",i) if db=="Kidney Shot" or db=="Mace Stun Effect" or db=="Gouge" then EquipSet("dagger") i=17 end end end
File: MikScrollingBattleText06-26-08
beta mace stun effect
Posted By: blankStare
i found messages on how to configure for the release version but not the beta version. I'm looking to do Mace Stun Effect. anyone? hey, i figured it out. It's aura application, recipient unit affliction= target, skill name = Mace Stun Effect. (skill name thru me)
File: ItemRack06-26-08
/script EquipSet()
Posted By: blankStare
I'm revisiting weapon switching via a macro. It's been awhile but, the following macro used to just take one hardware event (keypress). /script EquipSet("dagger") /cast BackStab Now I have to press the button twice. Did Bliz make something in the EquipSet now require a hardware event? So... has anyone coded an event scrip...
File: LinksList_ItemDB_BasicInfo05-18-08
Posted By: blankStare
hey, I've been using lootlink fixed for so long (it now has errors) and I didn't know you had this available. Thanks for working on this.
File: Saeris's LootLink 8.2.9 Fixed05-17-08
hook problem
Posted By: blankStare
I'm getting a message about a hook problem since the last patch. Anyone have a fix? linkslist is now available
File: Action Bar Saver05-10-08
well... a problem
Posted By: blankStare
this was just what i was looking for to switch between pvp and pve bars. This is the first time i did a restore and my rogue stuff tried to load on my warlock. And I was in the battlegrounds. :(
File: Trinket Menu05-08-08
change for 2.4.2?
Posted By: blankStare
what is the change that needed to be made for patch 2.4.2?
File: Armory03-25-08
2.4 problem
Posted By: blankStare
just got on and I get the following: : Armory-3.5.0\ArmoryPaperDollFrame.lua:1048: bad argument #4 to 'format' (number expected, got no value) Armory-3.5.0\ArmoryPaperDollFrame.lua:1048: in function `ArmoryPaperDollFrame_SetRating' Armory-3.5.0\ArmoryPaperDollFrame.lua:1205: in function `ArmoryUpdatePaperDollStats' Armory-3.5.0\A...
File: ControlFreak02-18-08
what got fixed?
Posted By: blankStare
I was looking for patch notes here and on your website and couldn't find any. Since they changed the site, maybe I'm just not seeing it.. great addon , btw.
File: MikScrollingBattleText01-27-08
Posted By: blankStare
plz, plz, plz get ready for version 2.4. I would be lost without my MSBT. If you need testers, let me know. Also, could you make the default for inventory full larger.
File: Saeris's LootLink 8.2.9 Fixed01-18-08
hey, with the latest version of auc...
Posted By: blankStare
hey, with the latest version of auctioneer-advanced on the appraiser screen only, I'm getting: : LootLink-829\LootLink_Tooltips.lua:159: Usage: GetItemInfo(itemID|"name"|"itemlink") LootLink-829\LootLink_Tooltips.lua:159: in function `GetSellValue' Auc-Advanced\CorePost.lua:400: in function `GetDepositAmount' ...Auc-Advanced\Mo...
File: Saeris's LootLink 8.2.9 Fixed01-12-08
Re: LinksList
Posted By: blankStare
Originally posted by Hevanus I looked at LinksList and having to download 7-12 archives is a major turn-off. I'm sticking with TooltipExchange for a while, might bounce back to LootLink at some point (or LinksList if it gets a more sane distribution). you only download the latest version as far as I know. Plus this is not a pa...
File: MikScrollingBattleText11-18-07
turned out to really like MSBT
Posted By: blankStare
I installed MSBT because of ag_sheeper having an error. I have really come to like MSBT. When you get the in your face icon to use the ability that just came active because of a crit, for example, it really helps so you don't miss out. etc...
File: Petster11-18-07
taint error
Posted By: blankStare
bar has a problem with 2.3 patch. The framerate really drops with the problem. the taint log shows: 11/18 08:49:18.500 An action was blocked in combat because of taint from PetsterBar - PetsterExtendedPresentGroup:Show() 11/18 08:49:18.500 Interface\AddOns\PetsterBar\PetsterExtended.lua:42 SetVisibility() 11/18 08:49:18.500 Int...