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Originally posted by Widersinnes...
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Originally posted by Widersinnes love the new skin. Is there possibly a version of the stack bar in the works as well? Or am I thinking of a completely different set :eek: I'll make new nsb for 2.4 combat log. and prob. for 2.3 too
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Hi, can't find any way to make cool...
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Hi, can't find any way to make cooldowns bars grow up. Like "Target Layout:Up" in DoT. AND it would be very cool if you add besides "Disabled cooldowns" another option that will disable all cooldowns except chosen ones. As prot warrior and also tankadin i want to see there only few cooldowns like Shield Block, Revenge, Holy Shield.....
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so what happens if I specced in bot...
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so what happens if I specced in both imp scorch AND winter's chill? will i get two bars?, cus i didn't learn both so i don't know... I'm just wondering what happens if i did... Only fire vuln then edit: and is there any chance to make this addon (and NCB) a click through addon? done second edit: is it possible to have show...
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Re: Re: Error Message
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I get the following error message when I try to use /ncb lock: Interface\AddOns\NComboBar\NComboBar.lua:208:attempt to call global 'GetBuffCombos' (a nil value) fixed
File: NugStackBar06-09-07
mage and priest both have loading p...
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mage and priest both have loading problems.. on lines 30 and 29 respectively fixed How about mages Winter's Chill? done When I use /nsb I don't get a reply. I verified that addon is installed correctly. I think it is conflicting with Satrina BuffFrames 2 fixed
File: NugStackBar06-03-07
2EnSabahNur fixed. (buggrabber was...
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2EnSabahNur fixed. (buggrabber was enabled lol) and thanks for localization.
File: NugComboBar05-31-07
Would be awesome if it could handle...
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Would be awesome if it could handle the fire vulnerability from Improved Scorch for mages and shadow vulnerability from Shadow Weaving for shadow priests! http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7205-NugieStackBar.html
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Debuff Layout: up works like down.....
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Debuff Layout: up works like down... Edit: after ui reload all is fine
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2Daytona In DoTimer.xml replace "...
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2Daytona In DoTimer.xml replace " this:SetOwner(this,"ANCHOR_NONE"); " with " this:SetOwner(UIParent,"ANCHOR_NONE"); "