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File: LDB-Threat07-20-11
great ! but i dont use Broker
Posted By: samvx
Greta addon..really... but i need know if i can find same tool but without Broker.... i means... the skull icon + %threat like http://s.wowinterface.com/preview/pvw48402.png ty for ur colaboration... by the way... i dont speakenglish..obviously....
File: Aurora06-12-11
aurora for grid addon
Posted By: samvx
any chance for apply to grid addon...or anyone know how do it? ...ty
File: oUF_Hank02-08-11
boss frame
Posted By: samvx
any chance for add support boss frame.. ty.. i love this addon
File: StatusInfo01-12-11
Posted By: samvx
status dont show dates and config is empty... error problably...
File: PetShop01-09-11
Posted By: samvx
plz...can u u do same thing but for glyph?..ty
File: EventAlert01-09-11
nore icons?
Posted By: samvx
how i caan add more icons...actually just 3..i wanna moar XD..ty..excellent addon i love it
File: Ackis Recipe List01-05-11
Hello...awesome addon... but im ex...
Posted By: samvx
Hello...awesome addon... but im experiment a lot of lag (really a lot, 30 sec prox), when open a profession window.
File: oUF_Hank01-02-11
boss frame support?
Posted By: samvx
boss frame support... this addon is awesome...:D
File: Grid11-12-10
Raid leader, Master loot, Raid Assist, etc: icons for grid
Posted By: samvx
anyone can say me, how i can get it?... ty.. and great addon..i love it :D
File: Grid10-24-10
hey... obviously the best addon for...
Posted By: samvx
hey... obviously the best addon for raid XD... just a question.... any plugin for show masterloot/raid leader/assist icon, on unitframe? ty..and sry for my english... :rolleyes:
File: HolyTrinity10-22-10
i like it. someone for combo point...
Posted By: samvx
i like it. someone for combo point rogue/druid cat , same this? ty
File: Auto Reputation Bar10-19-10
or anyone know a similar addon?......
Posted By: samvx
or anyone know a similar addon?... tty :D
File: GridStatusParty10-16-10
any chance for updated patch 4.0.1? :p
Posted By: samvx
any chance for updated patch 4.0.1? :p
File: Decursive10-16-10
really nice addon.... indispensable...
Posted By: samvx
really nice addon.... indispensable!!..plz fixed for patch 4.0.1..ty:p Edited: here http://www.wowace.com/addons/decursive/ updated 3 days ago... uff
File: Auto Reputation Bar10-16-10
any chance for fixed patch 4.0.1? t...
Posted By: samvx
any chance for fixed patch 4.0.1? ty , i love this addon.. :p
File: guSmallBuffs10-07-10
Moar Big Debuff
Posted By: samvx
Hello, gratz very nice addon, a like it. hoW i can change debuff frame size?... ty and sry for my english XD
File: rBottomBarStyler11-19-09
Posted By: samvx
Hello...nice addon. a request. how i can rotate the texture and orbs. i want put it on top of screen. anyone can help me. ty :)