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File: BigWigs Bossmods12-07-14
Re: Re: Cannot find a library instance of
Posted By: kawe
i had my doubts about this addon not functioning properly :rolleyes: i think i found the problem, thx for your effort and great addons :) 12/7 13:44:34.062 Loading add-on Gary 12/7 13:44:34.062 ** Loading table of contents Interface\AddOns\Gary\Gary.toc 12/7 13:44:34.062 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\Gary\embeds.xml 12...
File: BigWigs Bossmods12-06-14
Cannot find a library instance of
Posted By: kawe
gettin the same error too, with badboy Message: ...nfig-3.0\AceConfigDialog-3.0\AceConfigDialog-3.0.lua:20: Cannot find a library instance of "AceGUI-3.0". Time: 12/06/14 22:57:44 Count: 1 Stack: : in function `error' Interface\AddOns\BigWigs\Libs\LibStub\LibStub.lua:38: in function `LibStub' ...nfig-3.0\AceConfigDialog-3.0\A...
File: bUI12-03-14
hp integer
Posted By: kawe
First of all, let's put that code in a tag so it's nice to read: oUF.Tags.Events = 'UNIT_HEALTH UNIT_MAXHEALTH' oUF.Tags.Methods = function(unit) local r,g,b = gradient(UnitHealth(unit)/UnitHealthMax(unit)) return format('|cff%02x%02x%02x %s |cffFFFFFF | |r|cff%02x%02x%02x%d%%|r', r, g, b, numberize(UnitHealth(un...
File: bUI11-24-14
name tags
Posted By: kawe
first one was my bad with editting :o you might want to add this one for the esthetics :D local Iconbg = CreateFrame("frame", nil, self.Castbar) Iconbg:SetFrameLevel(0) Iconbg:SetAllPoints(self.Castbar.Icon) skinBackdrop(Iconbg) last small notice 'Spirit of Beast Blessing' in bbuffed; should be 'Spirit Beast Blessing'...
File: bUI11-24-14
Re: ToT and Pet
Posted By: kawe
looks good, used your UI in the past :) there's one thing that bugs me though... ToT and Pet frames are overlapping (namewise), see screenshot below any way to "fix" that? http://fs1.directupload.net/images/141124/5n7ltmwp.jpg go to modules, unitframes, line 209 there u can change the name position
File: PostmasterGeneral11-23-14
Posted By: kawe
thank you so much for this :)
File: bUI11-21-14
it seems that any value changed fro...
Posted By: kawe
it seems that any value changed from "true" to "false" do no work at all. tried that again for the tooltip following the cursor and I can't get it to work. most of those options do work, others you might wanna try /bui reset somehow this resets the saved variables en recalls all the values from the scripts.
File: bdWatcher11-20-14
lone wolf buffs
Posted By: kawe
Lone Wolf: Grace of the Cat - mastery Lone Wolf: Fortitude of the Bear - stamina Lone Wolf: Ferocity of the Raptor - crit Lone Wolf: Haste of the Hyena - haste Lone Wolf: Wisdom of the Serpent - SP Lone Wolf: Power of the Primates - stats Lone Wolf: Versatility of the Ravager - vers Lone Wolf: Quickness of the Dragonhawk - mu...
File: bUI11-17-14
Posted By: kawe
I second bBag! :p and please do bRaidTweaks too. I love that addon so much and I failed trying to update it :( maybe party/raidframes, just very simple hp bar and name ;) i tried to copy some code from haste but the frames dont spawn :confused:
File: bUI11-13-14
Posted By: kawe
thx dude for updating, more awesome than it was. couple of remarks/feedback; - when disabling tooltip anchor to cursor, it doesnt work; its stuck on cursor xD - i tried to move the focus and tot frame, somehow when i edit the lua ingame, it does reposition but only once. with some settings i had to completely remove WTF folder af...
File: oUF Mu10-29-14
typo in classbar section defects the whole layout
Posted By: kawe
elseif class == 'ROGUE' then pinfo = { count = MAX_COMBO_POINTS, size = { w=8, h=8 }, } ------ changed to elseif pClass == 'ROGUE' then pinfo = { count = MAX_COMBO_POINTS, size = { w=8, h=8 }, }
File: FreeUI10-19-14
i mean when u push a button u get y...
Posted By: kawe
i mean when u push a button u get yellow border (texture) or when a button is "pressed" etc. @ Zenjaa: Try looking at the oUF documentation :) @ kawe: What exactly is not working? @ Minttu: Atm you just have to remove all castbar related code (control+f) in scripts/unitframes.lua. I'll add an option for it in the future....
File: FreeUI10-16-14
Posted By: kawe
haleth, how can i put the textures back like its supposed to react on rActionbuttonstyler? (check and pushed textures?) i tried to copy those textures en edit your script but its not working. thank you
File: KuiNameplates10-14-14
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Feral Druid Rake
Posted By: kawe
thx :) Oh, thanks for posting that. I shall perhaps have a look at it at some point. i get lua error :(
File: KuiNameplates10-06-14
Re: Re: Re: Re: Feral Druid Rake
Posted By: kawe
i get lua error :( Message: Interface\AddOns\oUF_Kui\global.lua:26: attempt to call method 'kuisub' (a nil value) Time: 10/06/14 19:57:15 Count: 2 Stack: Interface\AddOns\oUF_Kui\global.lua:26: in function `?' Interface\AddOns\oUF\elements\tags.lua:594: in function `UpdateTag' Interface\AddOns\oUF\elements\tags.lua:458: in fu...
File: oUF Abu09-30-14
@expand: I have those changes in a...
Posted By: kawe
@expand: I have those changes in a local version, I uploaded the wrong one:/ @kawe: Shouldn't be too hard to make it work. I only have the PTR though, but i guess if it works on the PTR it will also work on WoD. ok thx. nice work btw :)
File: oUF Abu09-29-14
wod version
Posted By: kawe
hi, are you gonna update for wod? gr
File: KuiNameplates09-27-14
Re: Re: Feral Druid Rake
Posted By: kawe
Hey thanks for the addon :) In the WoD beta build Feral's Rake aura doesn't appear on the nameplate if I use the whitelist option. I tried using the KuiSpellListConfig addon to modify that but, still doesn't appear. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks. This appears to be the new rake spell id. Type 155722 into /kslc and it shoul...
File: KuiNameplates09-25-14
aggro coloring
Posted By: kawe
kui, any idea why the aggro coloring isnt working properly anymore (especially in raids/dungeons?) greetz
File: FreeUI09-25-14
nameplate aggro coloring
Posted By: kawe
haleth, any idea why the aggro coloring doesnt work properly anymore? last week i stared playing again and i tank mostly, i noticed in raids en dungeons the aggro coloring doesnt work anymore. weird thing is that i installed Kui_nameplates too and that has also the same problem. i thank you for your time
File: Dominos06-20-14
Posted By: kawe
after disabling all addons the pushed animitation didnt appear. found out that with autohotkey enabled it doesnt function as it should (only with animation that is) >.< thx for reply
File: Dominos06-19-14
button "pushed" texture
Posted By: kawe
hi, in previous version of domino's, when you "pushed" a button (or even spam) there would be a pushed texture on the button, now thats gone, its not blinking (like it does with rActionbuttonstyler). Any idea why its not working anymore? when i spam buttons i dont see them blinking, i only get a "checked" texture (yellow borde...
File: oUF Mu04-29-14
Posted By: kawe
hi, what threatmeter do you use? gr
File: PocketPlot12-02-13
but could you pls add both flags to...
Posted By: kawe
but could you pls add both flags to "hide" template frames? when the option "combat_hide" is enabled, only the minimap hides in combat and not the icons or flags. i added this into the lua because i dont care about it anyway MiniMapInstanceDifficulty:SetAlpha(0) GuildInstanceDifficulty:SetAlpha(0)
File: ICONS-Transparent11-21-13
planning to upload your UI? i would...
Posted By: kawe
planning to upload your UI? i would like to try it out :D