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File: Archy bugfix - DISCONTINUED02-11-11
Receiving the following error with...
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Receiving the following error with Bugfix v3. 1x [email protected]@\Archy.lua:3759: attempt to index field 'currency' (a number value) CallbackHandler-1.0-6:147: in function <...Tom\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:147> :"safecall Dispatcher":4: in function <"]:4> : ? :"safecall Di...
File: WintergraspLite09-30-10
I understand this may contradict th...
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I understand this may contradict the simplicity concept, but implementing an LDB feed would allow more options to the user regarding the display outside of the battleground queue window, and also get round the scaling issue in the process.
File: _VirtualPlates09-04-10
Sorry to hear that it won't work an...
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Sorry to hear that it won't work anymore come cataclysm. This is a really novel idea that you did a great job in implementing.
File: Niconaze Ui08-21-10
The screenshot for 3.6 shows your c...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
The screenshot for 3.6 shows your combat text which looks rather out of place. You could, assuming that is MSBT change the font to make it fit better with the rest of the UI.
File: Clean Icons - Original08-14-10
Photoshop and actions is something...
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Photoshop and actions is something I will have to look into later, especially since I was tempted to try and recreate more as a proof of concept the tinted icons a few are using in their UI's. Say like a blue tint for mage, and green fire for warlocks. Though ty for the tip about blipster, I had used xnView for the one way conversi...
File: Clean Icons - Original08-13-10
What applications did you use for t...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
What applications did you use for the processing ? I have so far been unable to find something able to save into BLP format.
File: Turn In07-15-10
Those buttons are an issue I have h...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Those buttons are an issue I have had as well, though I am not currently using this addon. A reload of the UI usually resolves it, but it is a periodic issue I have not yet found a cause for.
File: Broker_CPU / Memory / Performance07-13-10
If you are running the CPU profilin...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
If you are running the CPU profiling then that would explain the lags you are experiencing. That is a very demanding feature, and will have a performance impact. That is meant as a diagnostic, or information tool. Not something you run all the time, only when you need to identify the source of other cpu hogs.
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills06-27-10
Associated Trade Skills
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Is it possible to also include shortcuts for related skills. Such as Basic Campfire for cooking, Disenchant for Enchanting, Prospect for Jewelcrafting etc. I am tending to use this broker primarily for opening the associated profession or skill windows so would find it convenient to access those related skills also.
File: OPie06-17-10
Re: Re: OPie blocking sending of Ticket.
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Originally posted by Foxlit Nevermind, it seems that as soon as I disabled Opie, the taint simply moved to something else. This is going to be problematic to find the cause of. If you can consistently get ticket sending to fail, enable OPie, type /console taintlog 2, /reload, attempt to send a ticket, /console taintlog 0, reload,...
File: Overachiever06-17-10
Re: Taint
Posted By: ComputerNerd
I just came here to post about that same problem, allbeit without the knowledge to troubleshoot as the previous poster was able to do. I was having the message about a blocked action occur when trying to open a ticket, and at first believing Opie was to blame with that being the initial culprit described. Upon proceeding to disable...
File: OPie06-17-10
OPie blocking sending of Ticket.
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Nevermind, it seems that as soon as I disabled Opie, the taint simply moved to something else. This is going to be problematic to find the cause of.
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)06-06-10
Vehicle Frame Switching
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Since you have decided to not support the switching of vehicle frames, I am curious as to how you suggest we handle vehicle based encounters. Notably Ley Guardian Eregos in Oculus and Malygos in Eye of Eternity.
File: NeedToKnow03-31-10
Ticks Display
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Nevermind, just saw the link for curseforge.
File: tomQuest208-11-09
Tacker Visibility Toggle
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I tend to track only quests that I normally have manually tracked from the log, and do not have them under any collapsable headings. This means I can keep an eye on the progress of several quests, and just as a reminder since I use it mostly for dailies. So is it possible to, if this does not already exist and I missed it, toggle t...
File: tomQuest208-10-09
Was not aware of the update on wowa...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Was not aware of the update on wowace until I saw the post by Arkive, but that has indeed resolved the error message also. Thank you very much.
File: tomQuest208-10-09
Raid Tag, and another error
Posted By: ComputerNerd
While the latest version has eliminated most of the errors messages I was getting previously, as well as the Raid(10) tag being identified as mentioned by a previous poster so no need to repeat that I am getting a new error now, though seemingly still related to Ace3 which again switches from one addon to another when it is disabled....
File: tomQuest208-09-09
Ace3 Embedded Libs
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Having the same issue with the Ace3 embedded Libs - though I get those errors as I log in. I have noticed though that I do not seem to get them on my bank alt, though that appears to be due to it not having any quests in its log. Using the Mobmap tracker in the meantime, just would like to see this working again.