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File: ncUI11-25-09
Posted By: Minerv
how can i show/move the other actionbars, ? ;o gr8 ui<3
File: oUF Saul10-29-09
movable raid?
Posted By: Minerv
Hi, nice uf's but can u move the raid frames?:) i mean like drag them around the screen, not 1by1 but the whole raid layout
File: Shadowed Unit Frames10-28-09
great addon but....
Posted By: Minerv
Hi shadowed! awesome uf's i must say! but i cant move the unit frames when i press the "lock frames" i just get this error. ...terface\AddOns\ShadowedUnitFrames\modules\layout.lua:253: SUFMovertargettargettarget:SetScale(): Scale must be > 0 (tail call): ? : in function `SetScale' ...terface\AddOns\ShadowedUnitFrames\modules...
File: oUF_Nivea09-25-09
nClock is everything down there? ^^...
Posted By: Minerv
nClock is everything down there? ^^ i mean Zone, fps and latency 2?=) would also love 2 know what the font is.
File: oUF_Nivea09-24-09
Posted By: Minerv
what is that text addon down in the corner? that shows time etc :)
File: atrNameplates07-24-09
lag and such.
Posted By: Minerv
hi, hmm. i just downloaded this and when i press ctrl+v (show friendly/npc's health bars) it starts to lag like hell! I mean 10 sec spikes. And i can see almost half of the normal Nameplate right under this one (aka 2 nameplates?) and sometimes it doesnt even show on NPC's. Would really love to use this.