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File: Bubbler01-06-08
I can't get it to work on my Priest...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
I can't get it to work on my Priest, either. BugSack error dumps: : Bubbler\Bubbler.lua:730: BubblerOutputWindow:SetPoint(): Couldn't find region named '(null)' Bubbler\Bubbler.lua:730: in function `SetupOutputWindow' Bubbler\Bubbler.lua:563: in function `UpdateShield' Bubbler\Bubbler.lua:206: in function
File: TalentScan01-06-08
I agree with Zidomo. Please change...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
I agree with Zidomo. Please change the name. Thank you.
File: Auc-Util-BigPicture Beta01-04-08
Originally posted by niennasill w...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Originally posted by niennasill which addon Jaim, im usin fubar 'n fubar profit addons but all them still working.. Can u send error log or spesific detail ? FuBar_AuctionsFu, which I see is still available to download at http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/3754/ I downloaded it just now and tried it again... incompatible. Ch...
File: Auc-Util-BigPicture Beta01-03-08
If I understand what this does, the...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
If I understand what this does, there used to be a FuBar plugin that did something similar, and I was sad when it was broken by one of the WoW updates. I will take a look at it, and hope the bugs are worked out soon.
File: Armory12-30-07
Thank you. I'll give the prerelease...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Thank you. I'll give the prerelease version a try. By the way, the link to http://www.wow-neighbours.com in your last post doesn't work; it has a ")" appended to the end of the URL.
File: Periscope12-30-07
Hi, Xolan! I'm glad to finally hear...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Hi, Xolan! I'm glad to finally hear from you! Hmmm... "Lead the Way"... Maybe that exactly that, but I'm sure something will come to mind. Meantime, I kinda like the simple: "Compass Bar" name. Thank you for providing the 99.9999% completed and functioning base for this cool little AddOn. I'm happy that I was able to help to ma...
File: Armory12-28-07
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Using Armory 2.3.4 and FuBar 2 r54616. When I first log on the FuBar icon is not visible on the bar unless I type /armory, then it suddenly appears. After that it is fine.
File: SealBar12-05-07
A new SealBar
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
I guess someone didn't know you already had an AddOn called SealBar: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/10327/
File: Possessions12-04-07
I'm getting the same error as Orcan...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
I'm getting the same error as OrcanWonder, BugSack dump with 2.0.2o: : Possessions\Possessions.lua:698: attempt to perform arithmetic on field '?' (a nil value) Possessions\Possessions.lua:623: in function `Possessions_Update' Possessions\Possessions.lua:502: in function `Possessions_Show' Possessions\Possessions.lua:511: in func...
File: Cooldown Timers11-20-07
What is the big icon in the middle...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
What is the big icon in the middle of the screen with a CDT Pulse Anchor button and a CDT Pulse Size Anchor button? I don't remember that in previous versions of CDT. I see a couple of references to Pulse, but no description of what it is or does and no instructions how to use it. Also, once I learn about it and want to move it and l...
File: LinksList11-20-07
For those of us who are not familia...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
For those of us who are not familiar with the original LootLink: I am not clear what exactly this does. Is it simply a general database of items that provides chat links of those items that can be accessed by other players via slash commands? And do I understand what function is added by plugins such as the TradeSkillDB_Links: it add...
File: Sorren's Timers11-20-07
What, exactly, does this do? I don'...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
What, exactly, does this do? I don't see a description anywhere. I assume it keeps track of times of something, but what? Spell casting? Cooldowns? Buffs/debuffs? All of the above? I apologize if I missed something. Otherwise, some details in the Description section would be nice. Thank you.
File: ChatEdit11-19-07
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
The previous version, 1.1, did not list Sea as a required dependency, but version 1.2 does. Is this intentional, or a mistake?
File: RogueMetrics11-19-07
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
The files in the zip are supposed to be in a folder, aren't they? Should it be named "RogueMetrics"?
File: PocketHelper10-27-07
Too many people don't understand th...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Too many people don't understand that not everyone likes to do things exactly the way they do them; that the way they do things is the only right way or the only logical way. That is often not true. In this case, some of us LIKE to click on buttons, and DON'T LIKE to reach for a bound key. It is nice that you prefer it your way, but...
File: GoGoMount10-14-07
Modified GoGoMount
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
There is a modified version of GoGoMount posted on curse http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/9619/ that has a lot of the new mounts added, but apprently that is not all that has been changed. I found that when using that version with my level 52 Shaman, activating GoGoMount shifts him into Ghost Wolf form instead of summoning hi...
File: SLTimex 2.010-12-07
offset time?
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
I don't see any mention of it in the description: is there an offset adjustment for the time, so SLTimex on a server not in my time zone can display my local time instead of server time?
File: Xolpass10-10-07
Easy option access
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
On my modified version of Xolpass, I added the ability to right click on the compass bar to pop up the options panel. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7547-XolansCompassBarXolpass1.0.html
File: Periscope10-04-07
Name change
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
I am changing the AddOn listing name from "Xolpass" to "Xolan's CompassBar". The actual AddOn name is still "Xolpass". I hope nobody objects. I did this to make it more easily recognizable for what it is.
File: Periscope10-02-07
Version 1.00 uploaded. Added rig...
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Version 1.00 uploaded. Added right click to display the options panel. Updated TOC for WoW 2.2
File: PocketHelper09-29-07
Wow 2.2
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
I guess I shouldn't expect much, since there has been no activity here since late 2006, but I really would like to see this fixed for 2.2. Please? Thank you for a really useful AddOn that I would not like to be without. I hope to see it back soon.
File: Periscope09-28-07
WoW 2.2
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Sorry I haven't taken time to do the right-click to open the config panel. I still plan on that shortly. Anyway, since WoW 2.2 I had to delete the xolpass.lua file inside SavedVariables before the compass frame was visible. For some reason it disappeared, off screen or something. After I deleted the SV file it came back in view, i...
File: BlessingBar09-28-07
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
If I remember right, the fix for the errors is to change line 7 in BlessingBar.xml: to: I assume the same thing can...
File: OneBag309-27-07
OneBag tooltips
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
Since WoW 2.2 OneBag tooltips weren't showing for items in the bag. OneView tooltips worked fine. I didn't get a chance to check the OneBank tooltips. I figured it out: another AddOn I've been using for a long time, PickingSkill (shows the required Rogue lockpicking skill in tooltips of locked boxes and such) http://wow.curse.com...
File: Skillet09-20-07
but why?
Posted By: Jaim Sandar
I'm not trying to be critical, but just curious. I have used ATSW for a long time, and would not like to be without it. Why are you doing this? Has Slarti abandoned ATSW? Are you taking over the developement of it under a new name? I hope you don't mind me asking these questions.