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File: Kharthus's Hunter Timers04-21-09
Alrighty, thanks. I'll give it anot...
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Alrighty, thanks. I'll give it another look :)
File: Kharthus's Hunter Timers04-20-09
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I am getting some bugs with KHT. Some of the options are not working such as enabling append target and disabling sticky auto shot. I was also wondering if you could add the replenishment buff from Hunting Party to the survival abilities it shows. Great addon =)
File: NoMA (discontinued)03-19-09
Originally posted by Balkeep Targ...
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Originally posted by Balkeep Target and focus is a bit closer now, yeah for ppl who still have 4:3 screens. And 13093K is kinda what it should be... Means 13 millions smth HP, i could change that to 13M but i dont really know if that will be informative enough. Aight, I gotcha :)
File: NoMA (discontinued)03-18-09
Wow! Excellent job on the changes!...
Posted By: Sylvo
Wow! Excellent job on the changes! Only problems I have found is that high hp mobs display as 6070K, 13093K, ect. Also, the ToT and focus target frames are scrunched together.. not sure if this was intended or not. Other than that, awesome job and keep it up =)
File: NoMA (discontinued)03-16-09
Awesome, thanks a bunch. I actually...
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Awesome, thanks a bunch. I actually figured out what all the bars meant after playing with it some more =)
File: NoMA (discontinued)03-15-09
I've used this for a few raids and...
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I've used this for a few raids and I must admit that it is really, really cool. I do have have a few questions/suggestions: 1. On my screen the focus frame is halfway off the right side of the screen.. Is there some area of code I can alter to move it over? 2. Is there some way you can add debuff filtering on the target to show...
File: NoMA (discontinued)03-14-09
Wow, this looks really awesome. Fal...
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Wow, this looks really awesome. Fallout is one of the greatest game franchises around. I'm excited to see how this turns out. :banana:
File: Procodile01-29-09
Graphical Error
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I use the nUI interface mod and when I open my minimap bag button and mouseover the procodile icon, I get this massive empty black box on my screen and the procodile list goes off the screen and I can't read it. I'm not really sure if this is a conflict with nUI or what, just thought I'd see if anyone has had similar issues
File: nUI01-29-09
Re: Re: Buff Removal
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Originally posted by spiel2001 At present there's really no way to completely remove buffs without editing the skin files. However, if you download the Aura Bars optional plugin from http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info9108-nUI.html#optional you can drastically change the appearance of the bars. As for using timers, that's...
File: nUI01-28-09
Buff Removal
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Is there a way to disable the buff bars that nUI uses? I use BuffEnough to keep track of what I am missing and I really could care less what debuffs are on the boss except my own, so I use timers. Any help would be appreciated =) And keep up the awesome job!
File: Prat 3.001-21-09
High CPU Modules
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For the life of me, I can't figure out how to enable the high CPU usage modules, although the add-on is loaded. Can anyone help?