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File: Qulight UI05-24-11
character equip icon disappear??
Posted By: shinchih2001
http://cid-072b071cf9bff3c8.photos.live.com/self.aspx/%E6%96%B0%E8%B3%87%E6%96%99%E5%A4%BE/WoWScrnShot%5E_052411%5E_170510.jpg sometimes the equip icon can't see this is one situation http://cid-072b071cf9bff3c8.photos.live.com/self.aspx/%E6%96%B0%E8%B3%87%E6%96%99%E5%A4%BE/WoWScrnShot%5E_052411%5E_174435.jpg when one NPC h...
File: Qulight UI05-23-11
when i in vehicle http://cid-072...
Posted By: shinchih2001
when i in vehicle http://cid-072b071cf9bff3c8.photos.live.com/self.aspx/%E6%96%B0%E8%B3%87%E6%96%99%E5%A4%BE/WoWScrnShot%5E_052211%5E_185848.jpg actionbar set:3 bar and swap mainbar to top
File: Qulight UI05-22-11
when i use YourAddon with YssBossLo...
Posted By: shinchih2001
when i use YourAddon with YssBossLoot in combat i got this error Message: Interface\AddOns\YssBossLoot\WorldMapSupport.lua:21: Cannot find a library instance of "AceAddon-3.0". Time: 05/23/11 08:37:18 Count: 1 Stack: : in function `error' ...nterface\AddOns\YssBossLoot\Libs\Libstub\Libstub.lua:23: in function `LibStub' Inter...
File: Qulight UI05-12-11
microbar and chat
Posted By: shinchih2001
1.when i enable "display microbar Message: Interface\AddOns\QulightUI\Actionbars\Microbar.lua:74: attempt to call global 'Kill' (a nil value) Time: 05/13/11 13:10:25 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\QulightUI\Actionbars\Microbar.lua:74: in main chunk Locals: microbuttons = { 1 = "CharacterMicroButton" 2 = "Spellboo...
File: xanMortarPestle04-02-11
cause game crash
Posted By: shinchih2001
it's several times when i use this ui too with too many items will cause game crash
File: Health On Plate03-25-11
Posted By: shinchih2001
howcan i move the plates position upward charactor not at the middle it makes me to click non-npc quest's target hardly
File: LiteStats03-17-11
Posted By: shinchih2001
do you have interest to add archaeology info??
File: FaceRoller_ArmsWarrior03-16-11
Posted By: shinchih2001
any plan update for 4.0.6???
File: LiteStats03-14-11
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Fight Fade Out
Posted By: shinchih2001
1.to:bandes Ok I have HIDE_IN_COMBAT = false Now it appears to me in fighting my gold from my life and my guild. But unfortunately it does not work with addon memory and the latzenz .... i can not see where yuor position nachor from?? UIparant or Minimap or...??? 2.to Katae may i ask your minimap modules change to squ...
File: LiteStats03-11-11
exp error message
Posted By: shinchih2001
1x LiteStats-40000.4\core.lua:1146: attempt to perform arithmetic on upvalue 'lastkill' (a string value) LiteStats-40000.4\core.lua:1260: in function Locals: self = LP_Experience { 0 = hovered = true elapsed = 0 RegisterEvent = defined =:-1 height = 0 text = {...
File: CooldownButtons(Fun Update)03-05-11
when i login
Posted By: shinchih2001
1x Deformat-3.0-? (CooldownButtons):200: Bad argument #1 to 'Deformat' (string expected, got nil) Deformat-3.0-? (CooldownButtons):200: in function `Deformat' CooldownButtons-2.2.24 \Core.lua:158: in function (tail call): ?: : ? :"safecall Dispatcher":9: in function <"]:5> (tail...
File: bdActionbars03-02-11
Re: Re: petbar not work??
Posted By: shinchih2001
Originally posted by Blooblahguy Petbar by default is hidden until mouseover, I would check it thats the case. I SET THE LUA petbsize = 36 petmo = false -- Hide unless mouseover AND GOT SITUATION LIKE PHOTO SO I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPEN BECAUSE YOUR ADDON NO TOTEMBAR SO I USE FLOTOTEMBAR
File: bdActionbars03-02-11
petbar not work??
Posted By: shinchih2001
File: bdActionbars02-28-11
Posted By: shinchih2001
File: LiteStats02-27-11
emblem and ilvl
Posted By: shinchih2001
can add function to show currency frame info and ilvl??
File: Breakables02-27-11
two profession??
Posted By: shinchih2001
just show one profession bar to break?? I LEARN enchanting, jewelcrafting BUT JUST SHOW enchanting BAR
File: aTotemBar02-26-11
Posted By: shinchih2001
File: AftermathhUI02-24-11
font shadow
Posted By: shinchih2001
how can i disable the font's shadow it makes many frame's font are "black" and can't to what's it clear (i use zhTW language)
File: FlyoutButton Custom02-22-11
I use bActionbar+FlyoutButtonCustom...
Posted By: shinchih2001
I use bActionbar+FlyoutButtonCustom in SHAMAN i change multirightbar setting when i change talent want to set second talent's FBC button got this error message 2x FlyoutButtonCustom-1.86\FlyoutArrowButton.lua:372: attempt to call method 'Set' (a nil value) FlyoutButtonCustom-1.86\FlyoutArrowButton.lua:393: in function `PostCli...
File: bdActionbars02-16-11
Posted By: shinchih2001
no totembar???
File: nMainbar02-15-11
nmainbar+extrabar help
Posted By: shinchih2001
i use nmainbar+extrabar(not extrabars) is work perfect but now got a problem,no error message the extrabar button can see tip and click to spell but can't see the icon (((i try use bactionbar(like naminbar just modify default actionbar)+extrabar can show the spell's icon on extrabar))) someone can help me to solve this???...
File: ExtraBar02-15-11
Posted By: shinchih2001
i use nmainbar+extrabar got a problem the extrabar button can see tip and click to spell but can't see the icon someone can help me to solve this??? thank a lots
File: myChat06-27-10
1x myChat-1.2.1\core.lua:350: attem...
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1x myChat-1.2.1\core.lua:350: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) myChat-1.2.1\core.lua:428: in function `?' myChat-1.2.1\core.lua:453: in function Locals: self = { ADDON_LOADED = @ myChat\core.lua:425: Initialize = @ myChat\core.lua:289: 0 = PLAYER_E...
File: TinyDPS06-15-10
Re: Re: zhTW to display name
Posted By: shinchih2001
Originally posted by Sideshow The easiest way is to replace a font in the addon folder and give it the same name. No lua editing required then. YAYA! can work display zhTW name with your method thanks a lot!!
File: TinyDPS06-15-10
have plan to add function to report...
Posted By: shinchih2001
have plan to add function to report private channel??