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File: MikScrollingBattleText 4.1 (Fan Update)05-01-11
Originally posted by tylerdyr Hey,...
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Originally posted by tylerdyr Hey, thanks for update but the CP issue is still there not more so fast but still exist. sincerely I tested it on my warrior numerous times, I play a feral kitty and I don't get this issue. I also tested it on my hunter as BM spec for Focus fire a stacking buff and didn't get this issue. My last gues...
File: MikScrollingBattleText 4.1 (Fan Update)04-30-11
Originally posted by Ielan Is this...
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Originally posted by Ielan Is this working perfectly? Or are there still some lua errors? No LUA errors at all. I have tested the lag issue, the combo point issue and the fire nova issue. I have concluded that there is no issue with this version of MSBT. For those that are having problems seeing or filtering events please delete...
File: BindPad - GUI to set keybindings for spell/item/macro04-29-11
Re: Trigger On Keydown
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Originally posted by Westieitsew Any plans to utilize the new blizzard function for spell cast on key down?? Otherwise awesome addon been using it for awhile now. It already envokes the keypress function. They have always been there, it's just blizz finally decided to toggle it just recently.
File: MikScrollingBattleText 4.1 (Fan Update)04-29-11
Re: Reply
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Ok so i've been apping to a new guild and xfering lol. I'll push out a compilation of updates today (i swear). ---------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by tylerdyr Hey, it is a stacking buff Fury meat cleaver and Tank it is thunderstruck and it is really annoying. If you have 1 stack he wi...
File: MikScrollingBattleText 4.1 (Fan Update)04-28-11
@Nallepuh Has Mikord dropped MSBT?...
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@Nallepuh Has Mikord dropped MSBT? I don't know. I am not in contact with him. @tylerdyr Those problems have nothing to do with MSBT. The lag is because of your system or more specifically your processor's speed. As for the CP question I don't follow. MSBT is not a combo point addon and will not track this. If it's a stacking buff...
File: MikScrollingBattleText 4.1 Update04-28-11
I'm sure these two are the same. (d...
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I'm sure these two are the same. (don't quote me though) However this download doesn't have the full addon. It is missing the MSBTOptions which did not need an update.
File: MikScrollingBattleText 4.1 (Fan Update)04-28-11
I will be putting out another updat...
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I will be putting out another update shortly with an update to Pet parsing, DK's "Off-Hand" swing merges and the way other addons communicate with MSBT (e.g. notifications from addons).
File: MikScrollingBattleText 4.1 (Fan Update)04-28-11
Re: Confused >.<
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Originally posted by Antiquw Do I just download the old version or what? I'm so awful at trying to edit the addon itself. Nope just delete the old folders you had and install these. that's all. @sp00n I will add it as a supplemental patch file as soon as I test it further. But, I'm really hoping Mikord didn't abandon wow. u_u
File: MikScrollingBattleText 4.1 (Fan Update)04-27-11
Re: Info Request
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Originally posted by Adam77 What did you update exactly? Does the old version works on 4.1? The old version does not work with the 4.1 patch. What I changed is detailed on the link provided in the description. Or look below :P Originally posted by Zidomo As to how to actually fix the three files properly, here's clear, accurate...
File: MikScrollingBattleText04-26-11
Thanks! I will redo it in a min. So...
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Thanks! I will redo it in a min. So please check later for an update. Zidomo, you could have uploaded it too :P EDIT: Here is the link to the fully functional version: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info19714-MikScrollingBattleText4.1ready.html
File: MikScrollingBattleText04-26-11
If there are ppl that don't feel co...
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If there are ppl that don't feel comfortable with editing it themselves. I did it for you just click the link below and scan for viruses. (do not download, please look for a more recent version) http://www.mediafire.com/?2cubfgn7gq66128 I implemented the quick fix that was mentioned by dharwin and LightsfuryUther on Curse. For t...
File: KisekiUI - A Holy Paladin's UI - [1280x768]01-05-11
Originally posted by GhizzLol How...
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Originally posted by GhizzLol How would I start configuring/modifying this to fit a 1920 x 1080 Resolution? I LOVE the Diablo/Aion style plates. Made my eyes orgasm. - Tech Nub, so I would'nt know anything about configuring LUAs... Caught me on my last day lol, To modify the resolution, do as I said in my previous post. Disable g...
File: Meeka's UI Installer12-31-10
Do not direct any question to me, I...
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Do not direct any question to me, I am no longer playing wow or checking WoWi.
File: Satrina Buff Frames 312-29-10
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Sad to hear your are dropping this addon, hope you go on to do better stuff irl :P I guess everyone knew this was coming but there really isn't a substitute for SBF sigh. Like many have said I hope this addon is continued even if it has a new name :(
File: KisekiUI - A Holy Paladin's UI - [1280x768]12-24-10
Update coming soon!
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Update pending, I am currently working on an update expect it in 1 week. Update (12.30.10): I am almost done, I am making an in game installer which is way harder than it sounds... It's giving me a hard time but I will have it out before Monday (01.01.11). If things don't work out, I will just upload an updated version of the UI w...
File: Dominos12-23-10
Druid Bug
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Since the new version came out Flight form for druids takes you to the prowl bar. It's suppose to be caster form bar. I didn't find an option for the Flight form bar so I assume it's a bug and am reverting to the previous version.
File: ohnoresist12-21-10
Message: :1: attempt to call global...
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Message: :1: attempt to call global 'ohnoresist_DoLoad' (a nil value) Time: 12/21/10 15:50:07 Count: 1 Stack: :1: in function <:1> Locals: self = ONR_EventFrame { 0 = } (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = "attempt to call global 'ohnoresist_DoLoad' (a nil value)" I assume broken since 4.0.1
File: KisekiUI - A Holy Paladin's UI - [1280x768]12-12-10
Re: Holy power addon unwanted
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Originally posted by Sinistri There is a holy power addon that appears every time i gain it, its in between the onscreen health addon placements. picture below http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/8945/wowscrnshot120910225249.jpg Umm, that is nugbars and you have installed the UI wrong. It's not suppose to be there and a bunch of st...
File: Postal12-06-10
Originally posted by Xinhuan It me...
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Originally posted by Xinhuan It means you are using a super outdated version of Postal. Note sure what's going on with the curse client. It says i have the most up to date. Nonetheless, after seeing your post I reinstalled it manually and it works, sry for the false alarm <3
File: Hermes12-06-10
Great idea for an addon, great repl...
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Great idea for an addon, great replacement for the old and somewhat obsolete oRA 2/3. ty.
File: QuestGuru12-04-10
Omg ty for the update! One question...
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Omg ty for the update! One question though, does it allow you to hand in quests via the remote hand in feature? Edit: I just saw your post below so nvm my question, ty so much for updating it :D
File: Postal12-01-10
As of 4.0.3 postal hasn't been work...
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As of 4.0.3 postal hasn't been working for me I keep getting this error: Interface\AddOns\Postal\Postal.lua:219: attempt to index field 'SET_GUILDMOTD' (a nil value) : ? Interface\AddOns\Postal\Postal.lua:219: in main chunk : in function `LoadAddOn' Interface\AddOns\AddonLoader\AddonLoader.lua:109: in function `LoadAddOn' Interface...
File: KisekiUI - A Holy Paladin's UI - [1280x768]11-28-10
Release 4 on its way!
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So after leveling my new pally I started noticing stuff was not to my liking. I noticed somethings were off, keep in mind my previous paladin's time ran out. So anyways I have several updates that I will implement next release. Auto scaling for all screen sizes. Removing or moving Holy Trinity. Moving in progress GM ticket window (c...
File: KisekiUI - A Holy Paladin's UI - [1280x768]11-25-10
Bartender and rbbs
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Originally posted by NDecisive Alright, looks like I've got everything in order. I have one more question for you though. How do you get bartender to embed into rbbs? I'm trying to make this UI work for an alt, because I love it so much, but bartender is independent of rbbs and doesn't line up. I can't seem to find a way to ge...
File: KisekiUI - A Holy Paladin's UI - [1280x768]11-21-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Crashes WoW
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Originally posted by NDecisive Ok, thanks for the help on number 2. That is fixed now. The icons were inches to the left but I've moved them. As for number 3, things like when I'm invited to a group, the dialog box that pops up to accept or decline the invite is off center to the left. I can't figure out how to center those dial...