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File: Antislack01-15-09
Posted By: Tingmann
Nice addon, thank you! *Kills all slackers in raid* Features i thinking about: - Report AFK people to the raid - Track raiding schedule and report people being late (slackers!) - Raid addons and versions tracker good idea indeed
File: TipTac12-17-08
Originally posted by Aezay Ting...
Posted By: Tingmann
Originally posted by Aezay Tingmann I am aware of problems with fadeout in TipTac, and I will try and look into it when I get some time. Could you try and set the fade out and pre fade times to zero, and tell me if that works? Tried it, result still the same.
File: TipTac12-08-08
OUF problem
Posted By: Tingmann
Having problem here. Im using oUF, Lyn's layout. When i hovering cursor over player frame, it refuses to fade out, and hides only if i hover other target. I tried other tooltip addons here, got no such problem. So its TipTac issue. Also, player tooltip dissapears not only when hovering other targets, but also when i hover over...
File: SaleRack11-25-08
Looks cool! One thing i missing her...
Posted By: Tingmann
Looks cool! One thing i missing here, i'd like to be able to deposit/withdraw sets from bank. If that can be implemented, i'll abandon Outfitter forevah
File: Baldrick10-01-08
Re: Re: problem
Posted By: Tingmann
Hey, you looked at tha bug or somewhat? I really like the idea, wanna baldrick work for me :)
File: Baldrick09-22-08
Re: Re: problem
Posted By: Tingmann
One thing I can think of is for you to check the GUI (type /baldrick gui in your chat line) and make sure you have a Daily Quest module listed and that its checkbox is checked. It should be but something may be messed up in the code causing it to default to off. Actually, i having empty module window, with no checkboxes at all
File: Baldrick09-21-08
Posted By: Tingmann
Hey, nice idea. Is it working on live actually? Tried today, not working at all. Tested on Quel'danas isle. No icon change, nothing. What I doin' wrong?
File: Ellipsis (Multi-Target DoT Timers)09-08-08
Posted By: Tingmann
Hey, it is possible to make cooldowns display in traditional, timers form? With bar for each and name and icon. There is no mods that can do it now (except CooldownTimers2, which is awfully bugged and memory-eating), and im sure many players will like such an option.
File: oUF_AI08-28-08
Re: Re: Question
Posted By: Tingmann
Inn was in Garadar, Nagrand :)
File: oUF_AI08-26-08
Posted By: Tingmann
hey, great layout. But, how can i remove auras displaying from party frames only? And, it seems when i changing backdrop to more dark color, it overlays the party frames, they becomes darker. Another thing, after leaving the inn, resting status is still here, not disappearing.
File: oUF P3lim08-15-08
Re: Re: how to prewiev stuff like buffs?
Posted By: Tingmann
Originally posted by p3lim There is a slight hack to do it, and it has to be done in the aura.lua inside oUF itself, here is a diff file: http://p3lim.pastey.net/93718-4f2y:93716-hfpf Thank you, i'll give it a try. Any way to preview party/raid frames? Or i need to join AV and quickly adjust my raid layout? :)
File: oUF P3lim08-14-08
how to prewiev stuff like buffs?
Posted By: Tingmann
Is it possible to preview stuff like buffs and party/raid frames on screen? Like on you screenshot. To better tune them, i need dummy buffs and stuff.