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File: IllegalAddon11-17-13
So after starting playing again, I...
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So after starting playing again, I went hunting down the most important addons. High Roller JooJanta Illegal All the good stuff. But as indicated, Illegal is borken. First login ('Out Of Date' enabled), nothing happens. Second login, Lua error. http://pastebin.com/dNWQvZRZ I've pinged the author about this on IRC. Wi...
File: FluidFrames01-08-11
Thanks for the update
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File: PerfectRaid (Inc Heal)11-21-10
Zipfile structure
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Thanks for the update! FYI, the zipfile throws a warning under Linux, but works fine :banana: warning: PerfectRaid_IncHeal_r20101031.zip appears to use backslashes as path separators
File: PerfectRaid11-12-10
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Might've been my imagination last night, but could've sworn PRaid was telling my priest to cast Devine/Prayer of Spirit on party members. Maybe I was just dreaming. ;)
File: Combuctor10-16-10
Bagnon_Forever missing from download
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" * Character viewing requires that you have Bagnon_Forever installed (included in the download) and that you have logged onto a character with Bagnon_Forever installed." I only gots Combuctor, Sets and Config in the zip.:(
File: FishermansFriend10-01-09
Originally posted by Ammo latest...
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Originally posted by Ammo latest release fixes this You rock! No more hacking in vi(1) and /reloadui each time I try and do my daily after doing a global update of my addons :P
File: IllegalAddon09-05-09
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OVER 2000!
File: Tabard-O-Matic08-20-09
Version number in filename
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Originally posted by Fritos Updated version to fix BankItems and TBag. When updating, please include the version # in your filename. Otherwise, WoWI names files with random-ish kinda stuff at the start when uploaded filenames match the same as previous filename. Thus: 1250805463-Tabard-o-matic.zip Make it a pain when sorti...
File: Outfitter08-08-09
Originally posted by CheshireGeek...
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Originally posted by CheshireGeek I just installed Outfitter 4.8b6 and this error message appears when I log in into the game. Message: ..\AddOns\Outfitter\LibStatLogic-1.1.lua line 5470: attempt to call local 'strutf8lower' (a nil value) Yup, same.
File: Karma (player tracking/LFG tool)06-01-09
When you upload to WoWI, *PLEASE* i...
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When you upload to WoWI, *PLEASE* include a version in your filename. As you keep uploading just 'karma.zip', the downloaded files have been named automagically in this fashion. Your first upload became: karma.zip Next upload: #######-karma.zip (where ### is some automagically assigned number) Next upload became: karma.zip Next...
File: Misspelled06-01-09
Originally posted by AnduinLothar...
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Originally posted by AnduinLothar You Sir, Are Awesome. Period. Indeed. Now, if we can just get Blizz to incorporate it and instaban people who speak with misspelled words...
File: Tabard-O-Matic05-17-09
Combuctor issue?
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Heya, When running with Combuctor, I get this: Message: ..\AddOns\Bagnon_Forever\db.lua line 208: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil) Debug: (tail call): ? : ? : pairs() Bagnon_Forever\db.lua:208: GetPlayers() Bagnon_Tooltips\tooltips.lua:48: in main chunk When I disable Tabard-O-Matic...
File: FailBot04-30-09
Veev fails at testing (1). ;):p...
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Veev fails at testing (1). ;):p Soz mate, someone had to. Thanks for the update, will test it soon :D
File: FishermansFriend04-30-09
Thanks for the update, Ammo. You're...
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Thanks for the update, Ammo. You're my hero. Well, one of them.
File: FailBot04-29-09
Re: Got an error after logging in.
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Originally posted by loctrinh01 attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'timestamp' (a nil value) Just confirming this.
File: GnomeDust04-22-09
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On #Wowuidev, I asked Zoot why math.randomseed was removed (thus causing this addon to bug out - I didn't mention this addon specifically at the time was speaking more generally). He said there's no reason to need a randomseed. So.. erm.. yeah, don't think the issue with this addon's gunna vanish without some new codez. Message:...
File: Talented04-21-09
So I got this, thinkining this woul...
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So I got this, thinkining this would make the 3.1.1 pain a little less... I tried importing a build from Armory, didn't work. Is this broken for current armory? Here's the build I was trying to import http://www.wowarmory.com/talent-calc.xml?cid=11&tal=503200312533130321330530103100000000000000000000000000000020500321200000000...
File: Combuctor03-30-09
Bind to Account filter
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Does this thing have some hidden Bind To Account filter which I can't find?
File: Dailies Quest Tracker03-16-09
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Any ETA on when you'll have the Horde stuff done? Anything we can do for you to help?
File: KillCounter03-16-09
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When I mouseover my frame in Grid, it says I've killed myself 6 times. On another toon, I've done pretty much nothing but Wintergrasp, yet in tooltips for toons on my same faction I see a count for how many times I've killed them. I'd previously put such oddities down to (code sight unseen) not recording Realm data with toon death da...
File: Group Calendar 412-20-08
New build?
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Originally posted by mundocani Thanks, I'll get those added for the next build. Is there a chance you can post 4.3.2 to WoWInterface? You reference 'next build' in your post here, but haven't updated to what 'current' is at the time of your post. Or do we need to push the site admins around a bit?
File: GathererDB WoWHead11-20-08
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Someone had to "First!" :rolleyes: 38 favourites and still no comments, is either a good sign or ... Thanks to Norganna for coding, Esamynn for maintaining Gatherer, MentalPower and NeChkn for the glue that keeps us all sane-ish and not to forget all the other coders and helpers at Norganna's addons; Skosiris and Mystadio for g...
File: Looter11-01-08
Trying it out
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Heya, wanted an addon to just grab cloth. Trying your addon out while grinding WC. The thought ocurred to me that it'd be nice to configure it to grab BoE recipes - thinking here of the deviate fish one hehe.
File: CCBreaker10-30-08
Originally posted by Zidomo Yes,...
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Originally posted by Zidomo Yes, very nice. The ZIP download (CCBreaker-0.5.1.zip) is not packed properly, though. The root folder path should be \CCBreaker, but there is no root folder path in the ZIP. Yup, was about to post similar. The 'convention' is to package your addon into a folder, and zip that up. That way, the fol...
File: Cartographer Trainers08-05-08
Your SVN is broken
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Fetching external item into '/mnt/sdc1/sw/World of Warcraft/Storage/WoWAceSVN/Cartographer_nnTrainers/Libs/Babble-Trainer-2.2' Authentication realm: Subversion Repository Your externals should not point to a password protected repository (obviously if your entire addon were password protected, the prece...