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File: RareMacro09-15-09
Originally posted by mikma In cas...
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Originally posted by mikma In case you aren't familiar with this subject yet: No, you will have to smash the button. There is *NO* way we can make addons do stuff for you. Thank you for your timely response. Great addon, thanks :)
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So, does this macro work autonomous...
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So, does this macro work autonomously, or do you still have to mash the actionbar button?
File: Enhanced Tooltip12-11-06
BTS Update?
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Is there any plan to update this addon to be complient with Before The Storm? I have used it almost as long as I have played WoW and I feel blind without it. Cheers.
File: TradeSkillInfo11-17-06
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WOOT! That's solved it WOOOHOOO!!! Just in time for my day off too! :D Thanks very much indeed for helping me out with this Wmrojer, I look forward to skilling the day away!!! :p
File: TradeSkillInfo11-16-06
To give you a little more info, the...
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To give you a little more info, these errors were as a result of mousing over the blank slots in the TSI window. I guess this is where the components should be. I also moused over my inventory for the last two errors or so. Also I was unable to change any of my equipment, or move any of my bags contents as the items would not pick up...
File: TradeSkillInfo11-16-06
Bugsack results
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Ok, appologies for the monster post now! Here goes. BugGrabberDB = { = 100, = { = { = "TradeskillInfo\\TradeskillInfo.lua:504: attempt to call field `ContainerFrameItemButton_OnClick' (a table value)\nTradeskillInfo\\TradeskillInfo.lua:504: in function \n<...
File: TradeSkillInfo11-10-06
I'm still having problems with this...
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I'm still having problems with this addon. I have tried using the new version, TradeskillInfo-r16068.zip, and this has thrown up a whole load of errors. Is there an error log that I can copy and and paste to here to give a clue to you guys? If so, where can I find it please? Once I can post the error log, so that I dont have to writ...
File: TradeSkillInfo11-01-06
Great, thanks for the heads up Wmro...
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Great, thanks for the heads up Wmrojer! ;)
File: TradeSkillInfo10-29-06
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This looks like a fantastic mod, just the thing I was looking for to avoid having to alt-tab out of WoW all the time whilst TSing =) I havent been able to get this to work yet, as I am a noob when it comes to addons for WoW. Here is the message it throws up: Error: AceAddon: AceOO-2.0: Library "AceHook-2.0" does not exist....