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File: SCT - Damage09-21-19
ScrollingCombatText for classic
Posted By: scottshahaman
Can ANYONE update this for Classic??? I'd be happy to make a small paypal donation to them for their time!
File: WeaponSwingTimer09-21-19
I'm having an issue where the multi...
Posted By: scottshahaman
I'm having an issue where the multi-shot timer persists even when the feature is unselected in the options- It appears to glitch and overlaps the regular auto-shot timer. Is this unique to me and is there a solution?
File: Scrolling Combat Text09-07-19
I fix all error. Ready for BFA....
Posted By: scottshahaman
I fix all error. Ready for BFA. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info24722-ScrollingCombatTextBFA.html Can you pretty please update this for WoW Classic?? It was the best for vanilla