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File: ForteXorcist02-25-17
Just started playing my lock again,...
Posted By: Aizek
Just started playing my lock again, hopefully the unstable affliction problem can be fixed. Took a look at it, but the addon seems to be fundamentally built on spell names, ignoring spell id almost everywhere. The spellID's for the multiple UA's are: 233490 / 233496 / 233497 / 233498 / 233499 That's what i found too. I don't kn...
File: ForteXorcist01-12-17
Multiple Unstable Afflictions as Warlock
Posted By: Aizek
Hi y'all, can somebody help me modifying the Warlock.lua so that when two Unstable Afflictions are on the target they are displayed separately? Current behaviour: when casting a second UA, it doesn't appear within the spell timer. When the first one falls off, the second UA just extends the timer of the first one. I made a Gif...