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File: GathererDB WoWHead03-03-17
Now I know there's alot more wowhea...
Posted By: KrysSeriken
Now I know there's alot more wowhead data that could be ported into this.....that is newer than 2013....wowhead's last update to their site most certainly was not back in 2013.....please for the love of god update this.....I know Gatherer works without this, but this is a very nice quality of life perk for it
File: GathererDB WoWHead10-22-14
It appears that this is no longer m...
Posted By: KrysSeriken
It appears that this is no longer maintained. I checked on Norganna site and its been 16months since update there too. If this is defunct that unfortunately would make Gatherer addon unusable as well. I really hope this is not the situation. :( I don't understand how Gatherer would be unusable without this....this is a plug in...