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File: ForteXorcist05-27-17
Posted By: cisconetdude
This appears to be another mod that is abandoned. I try to use this on my Lock but there are numerous issues but no LUA errors. Times for spells are off. Guess another one bites the dust.
File: TipTac05-27-17
Posted By: cisconetdude
This mod appears to be abandoned. Hasn't been updated in a year. It's producing errors in the LUA. I would love to see this updated.
File: Sapper Enhanced03-01-11
Originally posted by ParaLord So...
Posted By: cisconetdude
Originally posted by ParaLord So far, it does not work for me. The config does not pop up, nor does it warn about the sap. Yep doesn't work for me either. I wish someone would work on this mod, since there are not other sap timers that I can find. Any other suggestions let me know.
File: Atlas01-01-10
Originally posted by Razark Atlas...
Posted By: cisconetdude
Originally posted by Razark Atlas updated to v1.15.2 for the 3.3 patch. Official content update coming soon. Thanks for the help & sorry for the delay. I know this has been over a month now so I was wondering if the new maps were going to be in here soon.
File: Examiner08-13-09
from that last few updates I have f...
Posted By: cisconetdude
from that last few updates I have found that when inspecting gear and mousing over it the information frames disappear and don't come back until I reinspect the same person again. Usually happens after about the 4 or 5th piece of gear I check. This also happens when I look at cached people. It like its there for a few and poof its...
File: Trinket Menu ButtonFacade07-30-09
I have been waiting for this thanks
Posted By: cisconetdude
I have been waiting for this thanks
File: Talented_SpecTabs04-30-09
The Tabs
Posted By: cisconetdude
Dude this is like one of the greatest things, you really should consider makeing this permenant to Talanted.
File: Dailies Quest Tracker04-23-09
Yea my minimap buttons disappears t...
Posted By: cisconetdude
Yea my minimap buttons disappears to. If you have a mod that cleans up your minimap then its constantly removing it from the minimap. I cant keep mine from getting deleted. I bring it back and it goes away. if you do a standby and a reactivate it stays but never counts your quests down, it just freezes. And the debug is not t...
File: Call to Arms 3.0.9b04-22-09
I can only say thank you for keepin...
Posted By: cisconetdude
I can only say thank you for keeping this alive. It is much appreciated.
File: Dailies Quest Tracker03-27-09
Stack C Overflow definately from DQT
Posted By: cisconetdude
Originally posted by Ookami.kun I keep receiving a C Stack Overflow error when using DQT with other mods... I thought it might have been the others, but after disabling them one by one the error only seems to occur when I have DQT running as well. I'll post the error below and you can let me know if it's your mod, their mod, or a c...
File: Dailies Quest Tracker03-21-09
Stack Overflow C
Posted By: cisconetdude
Yea I am getting the same thing on one toon but not the other. and its locking the game when it crashes.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames11-14-08
Death Knight and X-perl
Posted By: cisconetdude
anyone know of a work around for the frames not showing runes or is there a fix in the works?
File: OmniCC11-03-08
Cool down with X-perls
Posted By: cisconetdude
it seems that the cooldown on X-perls has stoped working. I do now use the cool down on there bars and in the past Omni worked great, now its seems as if its gone. Just thought you could check or say I am looking my minds. Thanks
File: SmartBuff09-07-08
Missing Seal
Posted By: cisconetdude
what happened to seal of rigorousness, is it no longer found on the pallys as a buff for themselves. You might want to check that.
File: Altoholic04-11-08
Just wanted to say that restxp is t...
Posted By: cisconetdude
Just wanted to say that restxp is totally off in the mod, always says that my toons are 100 percent even when there 20.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames03-12-08
Cool Down Timers
Posted By: cisconetdude
I have noticed that with respect to the Cooldown timers in X-Perl I can not totally turn them off. I use other mods to handle cooldown with my bars. so I end up with overlapping times for like buffs and debuffs? Is there something you can to that will turn them totally off.
File: TipTac12-28-07
Tips just stop working.
Posted By: cisconetdude
I think I may have found a bug, I run this will MI2. Works fine when I check to have MI2 in the game tips, but when I log off our sometimes when I dont the Tips check box unchecks. I know this because on of my options is to get rid of the ugly green bar at the bottom of the boxes, all of a sudden there it is and I check Tic and sur...
File: ItemRack 2.16 (Old version don't download)07-19-07
I love the new 2.1 I hope someon...
Posted By: cisconetdude
I love the new 2.1 I hope someone can up date Titan Itemrack to work with the new version. {waiting paciently for the events}
File: MapNotesIcons_baloor05-30-07
any chance this can be made to work...
Posted By: cisconetdude
any chance this can be made to work with the Mapnotes that part of MetaMap?
File: MetaMap03-31-06
Posted By: cisconetdude
I am having issues after the patch where if I open metamap in a instance I get a massive lag and sometimes lag so bad it takes like 30 seconds to get the map to close. Any suggestions. I love the MFW add on but wish it was darker because its hard to tell whats not been explored.