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File: Bagnon BoE02-06-18
So helpful!
Posted By: foot1647
This and your "Bagnon: Garbage" addons together is wonderful. Thanks again for taking the time to make these simple yet highly effective addons for my favorite bag addon. :cool:
File: Bagnon Garbage02-06-18
Great idea!
Posted By: foot1647
I love this! So simple yet so helpful. Thanks for taking the timne to make this. :cool:
File: GathererDB WoWHead01-01-14
Going on Seven Months, No Updates
Posted By: foot1647
There will definitely not be another eight month void. But we are quickly coming up on a six month void ... ..and now going on 7 months. I'm still finding nodes of all types to this day that aren't recorded yet. :confused:
File: ChatLoot01-01-14
Update Needed
Posted By: foot1647
Great addon, but it doesn't show up in my chat window anymore. 5.4.2 broke it I believe as it worked before that. I haven't commented since, waiting for it to get an update. Its been over a year since I found this on the front page as the 'Weekly Pick'. Sad to see it hasn't been touched since. This was so much nicer than Bli...
File: GathererDB WoWHead03-09-13
Needs an update for 5.2
Posted By: foot1647
There are so many nodes from chests, herbs and mining that I have found that are not in the Database from last October that I have found. An update is much needed, I've been using the WoWhead client for years so everything I find is contributed to the WoWhead server. Also I was showing my brother this addon and even though we hav...
File: ChatLoot10-31-12
Great addon. I use the default cha...
Posted By: foot1647
Great addon. I use the default chat box and I have had no issues yet. I like this a lot more then the new Blizzard roll window! Hope it stays updated :D
File: Who Framed Watcher Wabbit?09-26-12
I love everything about this addon!...
Posted By: foot1647
I love everything about this addon! Its a great help with my constantly changing UI. Just thought I'd chime in and say thanks for keeping it up and running, much appreciated! :cool:
File: LUI v301-30-12
Re: Re: LUI Clock Help (Pic Attached)
Posted By: foot1647
LUI options (/lui) Go in InfoText, that's the module that takes cares of everything in the top panel. There's a dropdown for the options regarding the Clock. I didn't even see that there! I passed right over it. Thanks for the response, much appreciated :D Have a great day, Foot1647
File: LUI v301-25-12
LUI Clock Help (Pic Attached)
Posted By: foot1647
Hey, I love this UI addon, it's awesome! :D One thing I am having trouble figuring out is how to change the clock to show standard 12 hour time, eg; 12pm, 1pm, 2pm... etc instead of 13:30, 22:45, etc. When I hover over the LUI clock is says to "right click for time management frame". When the time frame opens up I have 24 hou...
File: Bartender401-06-10
Micro bar will not show
Posted By: foot1647
When I am rearranging my bars in BT4 and I choose enable Micro bar I get an error. I can unlock it and movie it but I cannot see it or change its size or anything. The error I get is below... :confused: Date: 2010-01-06 04:12:04 ID: 3 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Bartender4\ButtonBar.lua line 209:...
File: TomTom07-24-09
Always Shwo Arrow?
Posted By: foot1647
If I logged out of WOW and log back in the arrow is never there. I always have to type in /cway to make it appear. How do i make it always appear when i log in? :confused: