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File: Skillet-Classic09-13-19
r20-alpha is starting to do some th...
Posted By: Khurune
r20-alpha is starting to do some things right (and still does a lot of things wrong). I won't be posting every alpha build here so if you want to stay on the bleeding edge, see https://www.wowace.com/projects/skillet-classic. Cheers, will use the BE builds for a while and see how it goes. I don't need loads of functions just yet a...
File: Skillet-Classic09-12-19
Welcome back
Posted By: Khurune
Glad to see this being made for Classic, I used to love this addon and TSM Crafting windows are buggy at times. GL with the project.
File: Aurora: Missing Textures09-11-19
Working on Classic
Posted By: Khurune
For those wondering, I've just tested this on classic and it appears to be working nicely. Only tested for a few mins but the stuff I want skinned alone with using Aurora for Classic seems to work well.
File: ElvUI - RPGUI Rework v1.8 (27.06.17) (2560x1080 / 1920x1080)02-15-18
Hey, love the look of this UI, so I...
Posted By: Khurune
Hey, love the look of this UI, so I'm trying to adapt it for personal use to fit my 1080 display. I'm having one small issue tho. I can't seem to find what's controlling the resource bar to move it down a bit or just get rid of it and replace it with Elvui's detached frame. Any ideas? EDIT; Forgot weakaura's came with this packag...
File: Wullie's UI11-03-16
Posted By: Khurune
What addon is calling the interrupts I do? Had a look through but I seem to be blind.
File: CblUI10-23-16
hey i did all what u said but its l...
Posted By: Khurune
hey i did all what u said but its look like this...how can i fix it? http://prntscr.com/cnkzmm Interface/ addons/ XIV_databar position TOP. how to open these toc files.. even adope framework doesnt want to open it :-D Notepad, Toc files are only version number files.
File: VX Minimalistic UI for Legion 7.0.309-29-16
Really like the look of this one, w...
Posted By: Khurune
Really like the look of this one, will have to play around with it, as I always find I need more bars.
File: LynUI09-18-16
I wouldn't say it was unimportant,...
Posted By: Khurune
I wouldn't say it was unimportant, but everyone has their own personal play style. It would just be nice so I can grab threat of some overbearing DPSr that can't focus my target or quickly switch to a tanks target after doing the rounds dotting up some rather large groups, even if it was just a Focus target, that would be great :) Th...
File: LynUI09-18-16
Any way of adding Party targets? I...
Posted By: Khurune
Any way of adding Party targets? I had a quick look through the .lua's but couldn't find anything I could just uncomment or enable.
File: LynUI09-13-16
Very nice UI. I've added another ba...
Posted By: Khurune
Very nice UI. I've added another bar on the right, just because I got too many spells :< If you was to add a target of target bar (not just the text) how do you think would be best to do it? Just add a HP bar under the TOT name ? (I ask because I find the bar handy due to playing multiple roles).
File: SuperVillain UI05-01-16
Hi guys! I just got this when I wen...
Posted By: Khurune
Hi guys! I just got this when I went to re-install the UI. I'm not sure where to look and I got something like it once before (after the recent update) but I had addons installed at the same time. Any help would be appreciated! Message: Interface\AddOns\SVUI_!Core\setup\installer.lua:101: Couldn't find CVar named 'ConversationMode...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)02-01-15
Looking forward to the new UI. Will...
Posted By: Khurune
Looking forward to the new UI. Will keep my eyes open for the test version as I'm forever bouncing around UI's. Maybe I could help test this an get rid of annoying bugs that bother me with some UIs. Also rotate minimap option in wow makes the minimap round again without the boarder. (Only noticed due to it enabling after a fresh i...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-31-15
UI's being worked on an released on...
Posted By: Khurune
UI's being worked on an released on curse once a few issues have been worked out with the repo (iirc ).
File: SixUI01-30-15
Re: Great UI
Posted By: Khurune
I'm really enjoying this UI - the layout isn't an exact fit for me as a dps or tank so I made some slight tweaks - it was rather easy to modify the xml, etc. I'm not quite satisfied with it yet but getting there. http://i.imgur.com/DcjCFwt.jpg Actually like that layout, party bars an action bars are alot to my liking.
File: ImmersionUI (ElvUI edit)01-26-15
Looks good, never been a fan of the...
Posted By: Khurune
Looks good, never been a fan of the OCC fade. But gonna try this one on my rogue, worse comes to the worse, I just remove the fade. Like what you've done with the Raid/Party frames an Action bar layout tho, simple an clean, nice work. In the config, I recommend removing US from the portal, for those on EU, just so newcomers don't...
File: Routes01-20-15
Re: Still not 100% or even 75%
Posted By: Khurune
The title sounds more harsh than I mean it to be, however, the tickets on wowace.com are still not being looked at. Xinhuan confirmed with me via email today that he hasn't played in four years and is no longer supporting the addon, but Kagaro is when he isn't busy. All of the tickets are being assigned to Xinhuan... so that could...
File: SixUI12-27-14
I like this but I need to move the...
Posted By: Khurune
I like this but I need to move the bars around a wee bit ( need few more visable buttons for my DPS bindings ) Can't find any addon thats creating these boxes that are locking the bars in place, tryed using bartender to move things around, but these seem to be lua coded, any chance of adding an ingame option to allow resizing of the...
File: OPUI12-06-14
I have everything in the descriptio...
Posted By: Khurune
I have everything in the description and what video made did. Everything I copied folder then into play, have all addons disabled and am then to spel. ESC >> Addons >> SET ... there are no OPUI sets in it What can I do? sounds like you didn't do the WTF folder correctly as that's where it stores the profiles.
File: OPUI12-05-14
Liking the UI, managed to set up fo...
Posted By: Khurune
Liking the UI, managed to set up for 1080 easy enough (tips below for those having issues). My question is tho, Slice n Dice is being tracked via buff bar, anyway of making be tracked with the rest of my class buffs (above my health bar)? Or will I need to install some class timers. Also have you tryed using /Reflux for setting up...