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File: Advanced Trade Skill Window09-17-19
I was looking to see if there were...
Posted By: slurk2k
I was looking to see if there were any updates to this addon and noticed that it's been dormant almost 4 years. Has there been anyone making a suggestion to update this or is there something better than this addon? I've been using it for awhile now with very little issue. If I knew how to create/modify addons I would, but I'm at a co...
File: Skillet-Classic09-17-19
Not working for enchanting
Posted By: slurk2k
I have tried using Skillet (classic), but I had to disable it to get my enchanting panel to show. Within the Skillet addon it shows that I haven't even learned that profession :confused:
File: Trinket Menu Classic09-12-19
Posted By: slurk2k
Trinket queue function not working
File: InFlight Classic09-12-19
InFlight Classic not working
Posted By: slurk2k
As of today (september 12. 2019) the Inflight addon does not work at all, not showing up when getting on the flightpath and options are not clickable. Been using it for the last two weeks.