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File: TipTac for Classic (quickfix)05-17-20
Tip Tac "special" scale settings do...
Posted By: Szyarah
Tip Tac "special" scale settings do not seem to hold. Typing /tip brings up the config window and resets the sizing, but does not hold it's scaling when the config window is closed. Any ideas why this is? And, can you fix it? Many thinks in advance!
File: Possessions Fan Update for 8.002-14-20
Possessions for Classic
Posted By: Szyarah
Have requested a Classic version of this, my super-favorite of all-time addon. Till then I'm using Armory, which at least can poll your entire account's inventories and banks :D Thank you Nathanyel, in advance whenever you can get around to it. :banana:
File: InFlight12-29-18
In flight broken`
Posted By: Szyarah
Addon no longer works at all. I don't get the list of fps just the map. And both components are loaded, in flight and the load module.
File: HealBot Continued11-16-18
Target frame now separate from MF
Posted By: Szyarah
Today (11/16) I noticed that targeting a player/mob outside of group places a separate target frame apart from the HB main frame. This is new (and unwanted) behavior, as I don't want separate frames all over the place. How can I get rid of this without literally having to uncheck the "target" frame in options? Thanks in advanc...
File: RicoMiniMap09-19-18
Re: Anyone still using this?
Posted By: Szyarah
I haven't played since Legion went live, but I'm getting hyped for BFA so I re-subbed and started playing again. This mod is really broken now, though, and I'm wondering if it's worth spending the effort to fix it. I do I do
File: RicoMiniMap11-16-17
Rico new bug :(
Posted By: Szyarah
Hiya Rico...hope this finds you well and happy. RMM is throwing a new error 2x AddOn 'RicoMiniMap' tried to call the protected function 'Logout()'. !BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:573: in function : in function `Logout' FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:1701: in function `?' FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:4512: in f...
File: Atlas08-31-17
7.3 Atlas does not hold frame scale settings
Posted By: Szyarah
Title says all. Everytime I log on to the same or different toon, Atlas scale settings are reset. Interestingly the options correctly display the frame size selected (i.e., 80%) but the frame itself displays at 100%. Suggestions? TIA
File: BiggerArrow is a Mini-map Player Direction Alternative08-11-17
Don't suppose you could make this work...
Posted By: Szyarah
for Mapster? I LOVE this addon, it's actually perfect. Would love to see it pop up on the main map. Between rares, treasures, mining nodes and other players, finding myself on the main map sometimes can be such a chore! Bigger arrow is the best!
File: Possessions Fan Update for 8.007-15-17
Glad to see you're still around!
Posted By: Szyarah
Still not parsing characters on Area 52 and Quel'Thalas Not updating inventory/bank contents, in that when removing items, say from the GB into personal inv, it still shows items in GB and ALSO in personal inv. Can I possibly provide you with better info??? Let me know
File: Possessions Fan Update for 8.007-05-17
Posted By: Szyarah
Looks like Nathanyel has given this one up. Anyone out there who can resurrect this great addon? Presently does not update inventory or parse characters on two-name servers. Coani? Anyone?
File: Possessions Fan Update for 8.006-17-17
Posted By: Szyarah
Possessions is no longer functioning. Yes the window comes up. But it no longer records bank or inventory contents accurately. It refuses to update. And still having that parsing issue on a52 and The Scryers. If you do not plan to keep this mod updated perhaps you can pass it along to someone else? I feel lost without it :(...
File: ArkInventory06-13-17
7.25 broke Ark
Posted By: Szyarah
Ark no longer updating bags. New items from mail farm or purchase sit in blank spaces that pulse. No tooltip display. Item stacks not updating, i.e. using food item in stack does not reduce number. Relogging does not fix.
File: Possessions Fan Update for 8.005-31-17
Still no character parsing area 52 and qt
Posted By: Szyarah
Nathanyel, dunno what you're up to these days but if you could have a peek at Poss I would be grateful. Love and kisses
File: NPCScan05-20-17
HOW do I turn off frame popups
Posted By: Szyarah
I can't move em and I can't get rid of 'em but they pop every 20 feet in Draenor. Without totally disabling the mod can I just shut off the NPC frame? Targeting sucks anyway, I really only need the sound. many thanks in advance.
File: ls: Toasts05-15-17
Posted By: Szyarah
I have been searching high and low for a way to move garrison mission etc. toasts and move anything does not work. THIS addon does work so thank you ever so much :D
File: Possessions Fan Update for 8.005-11-17
Posted By: Szyarah
LOL, no pressure. Quel'Thalas is also not parsing. Odd. And yes I remember that issue from before, but it was The Scryers that wasn't working then... :confused:
File: Possessions Fan Update for 8.005-10-17
More information
Posted By: Szyarah
Character parsing is NOT working on Area 52 Funnily it IS working on The Scryers. Weird, eh?
File: Possessions Fan Update for 8.005-10-17
Still no character parsing in 5/10 release
Posted By: Szyarah
Search clear now works /poss back in action still no character parsing. Also dot next to All Characters seems to self-clear after clicking it. TY SO much for continuing work on this exceptional and cannot-live-without addon
File: Possessions Fan Update for 8.005-10-17
Possessions not parsing characters
Posted By: Szyarah
Title says it all... a couple days ago, typing /poss didn't work at all. Now it does work, but the characters are no longer parsed. Pulldown menu states "all characters" Could you have a look please? Pretty please?
File: Possessions Fan Update for 8.004-26-17
Hiya Nathanyel
Posted By: Szyarah
Hope this finds you well and happy! Possessions search/reset function is not working. Pressing reset does nothing. Search feature works fine, but must be manually cleared. Feature or bug?
File: Flight Map Enhanced & Times04-19-17
Cancel that, I fixed it. Just clea...
Posted By: Szyarah
Cancel that, I fixed it. Just cleared the cache and that did the trick :D
File: Flight Map Enhanced & Times04-15-17
Addon still does not work for one toon
Posted By: Szyarah
still having the same problem, it's the addon frame not the timer (i don't use the timer.) also there does not appear to be an option to set per character versus globally. Here are bugsack errors. TIA for having a look. NOTE: addon works perfectly on all my other toons (48 of em) 8x ...rfaceFlightMapEnhanced\FlightM...
File: Possessions Fan Update for 8.001-01-17
Happy New Year!`
Posted By: Szyarah
Hi Nathanyel....hope you had a great holiday season and a Happy New Year that finds you well and content. On another note... 7.10 messed up Possessions so that it no longer parses individual characters in the drop down list. All you get is "All Characters." Although it appears only to be happening on servers with more than o...
File: Flight Map Enhanced & Times09-27-16
Weird occurrence
Posted By: Szyarah
On one of my characters, the addon frame does not appear. It's activated, has exactly the same settings as my other toons, but the frame simply does not show. I deleted the .lua in this character's "Saved Variables" file but that didn't fix it. FME frame appears on all other toons... suggestions??? TIA :D
File: Bartender408-30-16
Spec profiles
Posted By: Szyarah
My monk is BM and MW. My MW uses one additional bar. However Bartender4 (enabled for spec profiles) does not know this. Whenever I switch specs, I am missing my additional bar in MW. If I set it up and then switch to BM I have an additional empty bar. Essentially I want BT to show my additional bar ONLY in MW. Is this possibl...