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File: Trinket Menu Classic03-29-20
Any word on masque support? Read po...
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Any word on masque support? Read post on reddit awhile back that it would be looked into. My ui looks awkward. Thanks in advance. For anyone finding this in the future: As of this writing I've appropriated this version of the addon for classic. Fixed some lua errors. Fixed hunter Feigndeath. Fixed autoqueue. Added masque supp...
File: InFlight12-11-19
Just here to +1 the issue others ar...
Posted By: Nixxen
Just here to +1 the issue others are mentioning. Message: ..\AddOns\InFlight\InFlight.lua line 320: hooksecurefunc(): ConfirmSummon is not a function
File: Cellular07-04-10
Having the same issue as Turmoil, b...
Posted By: Nixxen
Having the same issue as Turmoil, but only if the person i'm replying to has logged off(atleast that's when i've noticed the problem).
File: Quick Auctions 306-29-10
"Quick auction tradeskill button" in tradeskill windows
Posted By: Nixxen
Since i haven't made any other posts regarding this addon let me just start off by saying that i LOVE it. It's so good it almost feels like cheating :P I just discovered a slight quirk that i haven't noticed untill now. More of a request actualy. If using Acis Recipe List and QA3 the "Scan" button from ARL and the "Quick aucti...
File: Cellular06-25-10
3.3.006 bug in 3.3.3 live.
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As people allready stated you get error messages and problems all over the place with Cellular enabled. I have so far only had problems with switching or closing tabs. Only way to see what people whisper you in 3.3.006 is to reload UI(to close the cellular window) after one person is done talking then whisper the other persons who...
File: Who Pinged?03-18-10
Re: Ummmm...........Huh?
Posted By: Nixxen
Originally posted by ShadowProwler420 Sorry, but I don't understand the concept of this. Can you explain what exactly this would be needed for? I'm in the IT field, and the act of 'pinging' to me refers to the sending/receiving of packets to verify network connectivity/functionality. But obviously, this is not the case (judging...